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4-minute video with useful information:

And 10 more minutes about fictional creations of “lenders” without legal standing of title, and explained by economist and Congressperson Alan Grayson:

Pardon my sarcastitude, but honestly I have waxed bitter the last few years to the point that if I become any more jaded, I’ll have to call in Aerosmith for support.

The largest financial crime in the history of the world, perhaps the universe, is currently in its final destructive phase, mopping up real estate for a couple hundred bucks in filing fees, some forged documents, and some perjurious beneficiary declarations. Am I on Planet Idiocrazy, because this should be all over the news. People should be marching in the streets! But all I hear are crickets.

Maybe I need to refresh some memories:

First, the banks utilized fractional reserve banking to “loan” people money for mortgages. When you hand a bank your promissory note, they open an account in their books and “deposit” the face value of it with a few keystrokes. Then you have to pay the bank interest on that money you “borrowed” because creating money out of thin air with a keyboard is really arduous work.

Then, the banks sold those mortgages and put them beyond reach as instructed by FAS140, so they could be securitized into real estate mortgage investment conduitsspecial purpose entities, and other vehicles where pass-through certificates could be sold to investors.

Next, the banks started misrepresenting what was in the investments they were selling. The banks eventually settled, the Feds got their cash, and then gave some of it to political friends.

This all leads to the panic of 2008. Don’t worry, the Federal Reserve will save us with Maiden Lane! Don’t worry, the US Federal government will save us with TARP! Don’t forget Fannie and Freddie!!! Now that the big banks had a pretty porky pile of cash for an all expenses paid shopping spree, they mopped up assets for pennies on the dollars they received from taxpayers.

Then banks started foreclosing on these mortgages but they ran into a little snag, they really didn’t have a clear chain of title to prove lawful standing in court. Not only did they have no moral standing to foreclose, they also had no legal standing, and people recognized this! This lead to the foreclosure freeze in 2010, the Inspector General report, and finally the settlement.

Today the big banks are still forging documents to create imaginary paper trails to mortgages they have zero right to foreclose on. Wells Fargo even has a training manual. The FBI knows about all of this, but they have decided protecting their “partners” instead arresting them is a much more lucrative venture.

The FBI has my thumb drive with forensic audit work on three mortgages showing backdated endorsements and improperly listed assets in SEC filings. The FBI has a letter I received from Wells Fargo HR confirming a gal who signed as their “Vice President Of Loan Documentation” wasn’t even an employee, let alone an officer. That statement is sworn under penalty of perjury, but do you see anyone being prosecuted by the DOJ? No, because they were busy prosecuting me instead.

The 2008 collapse wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t capitalism, it wasn’t regulation, and it wasn’t deregulation. It was “engineered“. Planned, orchestrated, and executed. Why engineer a crisis? You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. What a great time to buy up some competitors.

The only way this fraud will end is if we collectively set aside the political dogma and rhetoric and prosecute those responsible. Until we make that decision, the Kleptocracy will divide and conquer us into poverty. And while we are all busy arguing over whether it was the banks’ fault or the government’s fault, they’ll bring in their next collapse and finish cleaning us out.

Who knows, poverty could be just as fun.

Carl Herman contribution: We have an alternative to what Brent describes. From a 2013 article:

Public Banking Institute’s 2013 conference explains, documents, and proves that economic solutions for deficits, debt, and full-employment are structurally:

  • easy to understand and self-evident upon inspection
  • easy to implement
  • would improve our economy amazingly quickly and thoroughly


What’s missing for the implementation of these solutions is that our 1% “leaders” will not and can not implement solutions without becoming visible in criminal culpability for having the current system that parasitically transfers literal trillions from the 99%.

Matt Taibbi: “If the public isn’t educated quickly, we won’t have a chance. The current system (of banking and finance) is completely corrupt.”

15-minute video of solutions with monetary reform and public banking: