I admit it, I have never been a big fan of Barrack Obama, dating back to when he was competing against Edwards. Edwards had a single payer health care plan for America and Obama had nothing. When pushed, he came up with a makeover of Romneycare. I was also afraid that he would not stand strongly against the GOP. Except for the elimination of “pre-existing conditions” and a few other provisions, I really dislike the Affordable Care Act. It is only affordable because the government helps pick up the tab. The head of CIGNA still makes over $10,000/hour and that pales against others and people still have huge deductibles.

I am happy that Obama got us out of Iraq, but I credit Iraq for not granting the U S soldiers immunity from prosecution for that, more than President Obama. He has not and is not getting us out of Afghanistan. In other negotiations with the GOP I feel he started by ceding ground rather than moving forward. I would have preferred to have ended up where he began. Oh well, I give President Obama credit for maintaining his sanity these last six years.

To make someone neurotic, you put them in a position where there are no right answers, where everything they do is wrong. This is what the GOP has tried to do with President Obama. That is remarkably hard to accomplish when all their efforts have been towards not allowing him to accomplish anything at all. But he has accomplished some things. First and foremost, he has kept us out of war in Syria and Iran, and that brings us to ISIS/ISIL//IS. We cannot formulate a real policy to deal with this because partisan politics and the Republican demagoguery, through their control of the media, has made it all but impossible.

The biggest problem we, the people of the United States, face is the GOP. We are in the most critical period of our history since 1775. We still have a healthcare crisis, thanks to the GOP governors not expanding Medicaid. This leaves millions of people uninsured as we face a real threat in Ebola.

We are fast closing in on tipping points that will doom this planet of ours to be uninhabitable. The problem is that the GOP represents the interests of the frackers and the oil drillers and they are preventing the US from assuming a true world leadership role to end our race to extinction. We need to be going onto a war footing, just like we did in for WW II, this time to defeat climate change. Thanks to the the GOP, we cannot even admit that climate change is occurring.

We are having a crisis in education where young people will not be able to succeed without a college education and because of student loans, those same college students will be indentured slaves to the banks for the rest of their lives. And those are only the students lucky enough to even make it into college.

The GOP is blaming everything on President Obama. The GOP is blaming the lapses in the Secret Service on President Obama. Think about that for a moment. Being a Secret Service agent is a career. It is not a job that changes every four years like the president’s dirty underwear. Those Secret Service agents have been there for years, like the eight years before Obama became president. That is certainly true of their superiors. Julia Pierson first took office in March of 2013, succeeding Mark Sullivan, who was appointed by President Bush, back in 2006. I submit that the only thing that MS Pierson is guilty of is not ferreting out all those Secret Service agents who were and are still loyal to the GOP. Sullivan was still head of the Secret Service, in April of 2012, when agents were tripped up by a $50 prostitute.

The GOP needs to stop blaming everything on President Obama. Our government has not been able to do anything except rob us blind. The GOP has prevented President Obama from forming any meaningful programs to deal with any of the crises that have occurred in the last 6 years. Because of Republicans masquerading as Democrats (Blue Dog Democrats) President Obama has never had a congress that has cooperated in any fashion.

We are about to have mid term elections and we cannot give control of the Senate to the GOP. If you think we have done nothing in the last six years, you will not have seen anything yet. If they get in a position to override Obama’s veto, you will see this country disintegrate into an insurgency that will make our earlier history look like a tea party. The GOP knows it is coming and they are ready. Are you?