Earlier this week, it was announced that Malaysian Airlines will lay off 6,000 employees. Apparently losing an airline over nobody knows where and having one of their airliners shot down over Ukraine has struck a note with prospective passengers.

The economic news media always hones in on the numbers related to failures and successes of business enterprises, but why go any deeper into this one? You might be disturbing the “powers that be” who had something to gain by Malaysian Airlines’ demise.

So here’s the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say.

On March 8, 2014, less than an hour after takeoff, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, en route to Beijing, went off the radar screens of air controllers following the flight. What happened after that, nobody knows since no airliner debris was seen floating on the ocean’s surface in a 23,000 square mile area. Just disappeared in thin air as the expression goes. How is that possible?

We learned from 9/11 mythology at least one empirical fact, that even if the transponder of a plane is turned off, military radar can still track that plane, longitudinally and latitudinally, just not its elevation. But we are told in this case it just totally went off all tracking equipment.

And by the way, I wonder who was shorting the stocks of Malaysian Airlines that day as was done by some apparently yet unknown individuals on 9/11? They made a killing on the stock exchange as the value of Malaysian Airlines’ stock took a precipitous plunge.

But more to the point. How does an airliner, a Boeing 777, just disappear in this age of super technology? Well, the answer might amaze you, especially when one starts to look at just who was on board that flight and just what was their company’s specialized business.

20 employees of Freescale Superconductors, all Chinese scientists, and four of which were waiting for approval of a patent that could only be described as “cloaking technology” were among the missing.

Did “cloaking technology” grab your attention? Good, because the plot thickens.

Freescale Semiconductors is a military cybertech supplier that works in the area of “radio frequency power products” and had on March 3, 2014 released 11 of these gadgets for use in “high frequency, VHF, and low band UHF radar and radio communications:.

And those patents that four of the Chinese scientists stood to have a 20% controlling interest in were approved four days after the plane went missing.

So let’s do that math. Four times 20% equals 80%, right? So who owns the fifth 20%? Oh, Surprise, surprise! Freescale Semiconductors, owned by Jacob Rothschild, British billionaire.

And if all of the other four who died before the patent was approved, and that means their heirs would be out of the picture as beneficiaries, then Jacob Rothschild would be the sole owner of Patent #US8650327. The Lord works in mysterious ways apparently.

So to summarize, a Malaysian Airlines airliner within an hour after takeoff, having on board 20 Chinese scientists heading back to Mother China, carrying within their collective minds the technology capable of wiping off the radar screens any airliner in the skies, and poof, it goes…well, off the radar screens. Conspiracy theory or coincidence theory? Take your pick.

Was there the fear that they might defect to their Motherland and bring with them the accumulated science and technology of which they were the key developers?


On July 17, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, a Boeing 777, was blown out of the skies over Ukraine by a missile, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew.

Our President, a Con-Lawyer, excuse me, Constitutional Lawyer, by profession, immediately charged Putin and Russia of being the trigger pullers. He assured us that the evidence was conclusive. There were photos and conclusions drawn that would pass any smell test unless, of course, the tester had a lemon under his nose at the time.

And our ever vigilant Fourth Estate, the ever dutiful Corporate Enabling Media and propaganda echo chamber for the Deep State, fawningly spread this evidence to all the corners and recesses of gullible American sponge minds with the evidence of a Buk missile launched from a ground vehicle, photographed no less as missing from a previous pair. Stellar journalism. Case closed.

The evidence was conclusive, a slam dunk. Heard that before? And how did that turn out for the American People?

Remember that humorous video of George Bush in a tuxedo, beginning a talk in a roomful of his donors, shortly after our invading Iraq, in which he flippantly questioned, WMD’s over here, nope. How about under here, pulling up the clothe draped ove the dais. Nope, not there either. And this as America’s young men were dying in Iraq. His one percent contributors laughed heartily. They were off and running supplying weapons and techology and services for the “war effort”.

The 99% would just supply the bodies, the skin in the game_the expendable element.

We’ve come to expect the media to jump right onto the carousel of jingoistic rationales for going to war, presenting the evidence to the People to make that case.

We saw that in play when, after seeing videos of Syrians, mostly children, writhing spasmodically on floors in an apparent hospital somewhere, our President stepped forward to tell us that this was conclusively the effects of sarin gas from Assad’s chemical and biological arsenals. Our intelligence sources had no doubts about this one. It was a slam dunk.

We were ready to act. We would employ those precision missiles in our “Defensive” military arsenals fired to take out key parts of Assad’s power structure, military, and infrastructure. We had the capability of knocking the wings off a knat’s body in mid air, that precise. Not to worry, no collateral damage, no loss of American lives_our greatest treasure.

But first he had to get the Brits on board and PM Cameron. Well, don’t know why this is, but the Brits are different than their American counterparts and when presented with the prospect of one more war, however nuanced, said, “Fuck you, fool me once, shame on you_fool me twice, shame on me_we won’t get BLAIRed again.

Obama, now, no longer the Decider, fearful of a similar response to his favorite choice of solutions, became the Punter. He punted to the Congress to approve the assault. And John Kerry, that old Winter Soldier who once said, “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake”, back in the Vietnam era, charged headlong into any forces of opposition to make the President’s case.

As fate would have it, Putin and Lavrov stepped in and found a diplomatic solution that precluded the loss of thousands of innocent lives from those pin prick weapons of war.

And a couple of weeks later, well, the REST OF THE STORY, not noted by our Fourth Estate nor presented on our evening news. I wonder why.

The British in testing the residues of the sarin taken from the site of that horror, in a laboratory we share with them in England, concluded it did not match the sarin found in Assad’s arsenal.

They were left with the conclusion that the Opposition that we had trained and armed to overthrow Assad were the perpetrators, the precursors to ISIS. What a coincidence! And what a bungling attempt at a false flag operation!

So our media, fast forward to August 7, 2014, you would hope with so much egg (no, it’s really become more like shit) all over their faces, might be wanting to redeem their flagging credentials and finally take the lead on “getting it right” for once.

In an article in the The New Straits Times, the English Malaysian newspaper, it was reported that after investigations done by American experts in the field of aeronautical accidents, they had concluded that the Kiev government in conjunction with the US and its allies were responsible for the downing of MH17. And not by a surface to air missile as reported by the American Press, but by an air to air missile and subsequent machine gun fire after the airliner was crippled in flight and the mission needed to be completed.

The Russian government had released much earlier after the event occurred their satellite photos showing a Ukrainian Sukhoi 25 jet fighter trailing that airliner before it exploded. The Kiev government stated that their aircrafts were not airborne in that area at the time.

To this day the US who had their photographic satellite overhead at the time of the explosion, to this day, refuses to release anything.

The American experts found 30 millimeter size holes on both sides of the fuselage pieces on the ground. Also a Canadian-Ukrainian monitor for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, one Michael Bociurkiw stated, “There have been two or three pieces of fuselage that have been really pockmarked with what almost looks like machine gun fire; very, very strong machine gun fire.” And the New Straits Times article notes the observation of Luftthansa pilot, Peter Haisenko, who claimed that the cockpit area had been hit on both port and starboard sides, which rules out any ground fired missile.

And just as an aside to those of you who still believe the 9/11 Commission Report which officially stated that Flight 93 was swallowed up into the ground of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, leaving behind no airliner debris as evidenced by CNN cameras scanning the area when they arrived…well, we’ve all seen the debris left behind by Flight MH17 while the debris of Flight MH370_not over there, maybe it’s it under here.

Did our intrepid, shit-faced Fawning Media, report this substantiated report by, among many others, American experts in the field of aeronautical accidents? Nope, not over there. Nope, not under here.

Did President Barak Obama tell a FIB? I just can’t bring myself to say LIE because American folkore, deeply entrenched in my conditioned elementary school mind had always learned from the President George Washington story of his chopping down a cherry tree as a kid, getting caught, and when confronted, just couldn’t tell a lie and confessed, that All American Presidents don’t lie because they had to live up to that standard. Well, answer that one yourself. I just hate to destroy myths. They leave our citizenry so left to their own critically thinking minds. And what a frightening prospect that is.

And was John Kerry willing to let another man be the last man to die for a mistake….or a Lie?