I debated a day or so publishing this.  They shoot messengers here.

We staunched the massive hemorrhaging, but the patient coded.  We pushed the eppi,.  We defibrillated at least six times, chest compressions, the whole nine yards.  The patient is acidotic.  Everyone looks to the doc.  It is time to call it.  THAT is where we are with our government today.  The Republicans refuse to cooperate and to work for the good of the country.  Between the Southern Democrats and the Blue Dog Democrats, there are barely enough people in Congress to get the job done.

We have just come through one of the worst financial disasters the world has ever known.  We have stopped falling but we still have a huge hole to climb out of.  To do that we need EVERYone to work together and the Republicans are not.

The Senate generally does not work under a simple majority, but if “reconciliation” is the only way we will get things done, than so be it.  Paul Krugman, a Nobel prize- winning economist from Princeton University, said in his op-ed column today, “…it’s time to draw a line in the sand. No reform, coupled with a campaign to name and shame the people responsible, is better than a cosmetic reform that just covers up failure to act.”  The Doc has called it.

That is what we have today “A failure to Act.”  This country, however, cannot tolerate that condition.  It is time to move beyond that.  Obama has to step up.  This Country needs Universal Health Care and a Jobs bill that will put people back to work.  It needs someone to tell the banks that they are JUST TOOLS to get the job done.  When they act counter to the wellbeing of this, AND other countries, then it is our duty and responsibility to dissolve them.  It is time to stop F*cking around and get the job done.

I do not know if the people who listen to Bill O’Reilly, Beck, Gingrich, and Rush Limbaugh will awake from the trance they are in and recognize the hateful, bigoted rhetoric for what it is or not.  If this country is going to survive, more than half of its people are going to have to wake up to the fact that WE ARE our brother’s keeper.  We are not God’s policemen, and the world’s largest military DOES create the situations in the world that justifies its existence.  We can no longer afford to keep it.  The world can no longer afford those conditions.  It is time to do the right thing(s).

We have the Democrats, a few sniveling Republicans, the Tea-baggers, and the Party of the NO.  We have a soft revolution taking place right now.  If Obama has the cojones to lead us out of the wasteland that his election has made of this country, then we have a chance.  He may have to dissolve the Supreme Court to do it.  It isn’t very supreme anymore, anyway.  We may suffer an attempted rightwing military coup, but the winds of change are blowing. And, the country is dead. Long live the country.  May you and I survive it.