Another good article from guest writer, Occupy Bob

Why is it we find out the truth way after the media covers it? Why is it that at least certain elements within our government lie to us? Bush did to take us to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama just recently attempted to lie to us again to take us into a “precise, focused hit on Syria”_by any definition, a war.

To remind those who forgot: Saddam Hussein did NOT have any WMD,
he was not developing a nuclear bomb that “we couldn’t wait for it to appear in the form of a mushroom cloud”, and he wasn’t involved in 911.
So if they lied there to take Americans to war, where does it stop?
We all heard about the Underwear Bomber who put explosives in his underwear and tried to explode them over Michigan on Christmas day 2009.
But did he really?
And what was the result of that alleged attempt? The TSA. We now get X-rayed or groped when boarding an airliner. Take your choice. Who profited from that? Well, one of those was Michael Chertoff, second Secretary of Homeland Security. whose company got very lucrative contracts to set up scanners nationwide. You don’t think he hasn’t made a bundle?
But let’s now look at the FACTS.
Kurt Haskell and his wife, both lawyers, were returning from a vacation safari and were sitting in the waiting room of the Amsterdam airport when they saw Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab being escorted onto the plane by a plain clothes official who assisted him in doing so even though Abdulmutallub DIDN’T HAVE A PASSPORT. Nothing to be suspicious about there, right?
We never heard about that official looking individual who was able to persuade the ticket checker that a passport wasn’t necessary for Abdulmutallub. What was his name? To whom did he have allegiance?
Fast forward to Umar attempting to set of the alleged bomb. Never went off. He however severely burned his thighs and crotch. The alleged bomb was defective.
What a coincidence of luck!
When the plane landed after the authorities were alerted, a series of actions or lack of actions ensued which very much question the seriousness of those authorities in ensuring the safety of those passengers and crew.
Kurt Haskell in his police statement that follows points out these very glaring mishaps of security procedures and brings into question whether or not the agents that finally boarded the plane to arrest Abdulmutallub really thought there was anything to be concerned about beyond a routine arrest. 
Well here, read it for yourself: “When we landed, I was shocked that our plane taxied up to the gate. I was further shocked that we were forced to sit on the plane for 20 minutes with powder from the so called bomb all over the cabin. The officers that boarded the plane did nothing to ensure our safety and did not check for accomplices or other explosive devices. Several passengers trampled through parts of the bomb as they exited the plane. We were then taken into the terminal with our unchecked carry on bags. Again, there was no concern for our safety even though Umar told the officers that there was another bomb on board as he exited the plane. I wondered why nobody was concerned about our safety, accomplices or other bombs and the lack of concern worried me greatly. I immediately told the FBI my story in order to help catch the accomplice I had seen in Amsterdam. It soon became obvious that the FBI wasn’t interested in what I had to say, which upset me further. For one month the government refused to admit the existence of the man in the tan suit before changing course and admitting his existence in an ABC News article on January 22, 2010. That was the last time the government talked about this man. The video that would prove the truth of my account has never been released. I continue to be emotionally upset that the video has not been released. The Dutch police, meanwhile, in this article (show article), also confirmed that Umar did not show his passport in Amsterdam which also meant that he didn’t go through security as both are in the same line in Amsterdam. It upsets me that the government refuses to admit this fact.
Imagine waiting twenty minutes in a passenger airliner parked right up against the airline terminal with the possibility that a bomb or bombs might still be on board?
Ticking time bomb scenario doesn’t apply here? Oh that’s right, that only applies THEORETICALLY when elements within our government have to stir up FEAR to justify taking away our Civil Liberties or justify torture.
So please read further Kurt Haskell’s statement and ask yourself was this a “false flag” operation to justify installing very expensive and extensive surveillance technology in airports that enriched a few, yet denied many others of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights to privacy?
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