The one year anniversary of the downing of MH17 arrived today, July 17th, accompanied by reinforcing social media “evidence” that Putin did it. Make no mistake about it, irrefutable evidence culled from Twitter texts about Putin’s culpability has as much credibility as Tweets about the drug use, paranoia, and anorexia of movie star Brittany Murphy who died of a heart attack at the age of 32. 
            The social media’s penchant for “tragic drama” in the false accusations lodged against Brittany Murphy failed to acknowledge the harassment by the FBI and the DHS when she wrote and signed a written declaration stating that a Customs supervisory agent named Susan Boutwell had lied about the testimony she gave to her concerning Julia Davis, a customs agent at the San Isidro Port of Entry. See documentary “Top Priority The Terror Within”.
            Julia Davis was a dedicated Customs and Border Protection agent who on July 4th 2004 following directives from the Department of Homeland Security to report any suspicious behavior, did so when she arrived at her job that day and proceeded to log in the names of recent entries into the US.
            While it is not unusual to have 13 or 14 entries of persons crossing our borders from “special interest countries” (countries that harbor terrorists) within a month, on that day alone, the day of our National Independence, 23 persons entered within a short 10 hour period before her shift began…and the DHS failed to fingerprint them.
            She reported this to the FBI…and that’s when her life changed.
            At a time when the DHS under the leadership of Tom Ridge, who stated that all ports of entry into the US were now 50% safer than they were on 9/11, when the DHS was trying to get as much funding for their future hegemonic control over the civil liberties of our citizenry, this attempt by Julia Davis in the pursuit of her job and in the interest of the security of her country to alert the authorities to a possible terrorist incursion at our borders, was deemed an embarrassment by the Authorities in Washington DC, in particular to one Robert Bonner, Robert Bonner was the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection. To him the exposure of this information, though crucial to our national security, paled in comparison to his overwhelming priority of fleecing the People’s Treasury to fund “his baby”. Billions were pouring into the coffers of all the bureaucracies related to national security. He wanted to be at the front of the line.
            Julia Davis, who had a stellar record of employment had to be discredited and so Robert Bonner immediately set out to destroy her. At one point in his aggressive moves to bring about this destruction, after two years of aerial surveillance, an Apache helicopter with 27 combat ready troops under the supervision of two FBI  agents descended on the property of hers and her husband’s home, without receiving FAA approval for flying over a residential area, and without a warrant ransacked the home carrying off ILLEGALLY boxes of personal belongings.
            All of this was filmed by a neighbor who eventually and with some fear and trepidation came forward with the videos to be used as evidence along with a signed affidavit declaring the veracity of the videotaped event. Within a short period of time after submitting this evidence, at the age of 25, this young man was found dead in his home and the reason for his death on his death certificate to this day is still pending. 
            Julia and her husband were not home when this military styled attack took place, but Julia’s father and mother were. His father had a weak heart and as all of this was transpiring, had asked for his medicine, only to be laughed at. At one point he was taken outside in only his boxer shorts on a very hot day where he proceeded to have a heart attack which apparently was also a source of amusement for the FBI agents present. He died within the year from complication related to that heart attack.
            Now I know that I have gone a long ways off here from the issue of the MH 17 downing. But within this ugly and unfortunate narrative of a woman following the directives of her national security job and being governmentally raped, one can start to see the degree of aggressive deception that arises when a government or one of its agencies or apparatchik’s reputation is threatened.
            On July 17, 2014, a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane enroute to the Netherlands was hit by something over Ukraine that caused it to crash resulting  in the deaths of 298 persons.
            This happened a short time after the elected government of Ukraine was overthrown in a coup backed by the US with the full ambassadorial support of Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, who stated publicly that her government had spent $5 billion dollars to assist in this usurpation of a democratically elected government.
            Following the coup, a separatist faction of ethnic Russians in the eastern regions of Ukraine broke away from the ethnic Ukrainians in Kiev who staged the coup. Civil war ensued.
            When MH 17 was shot down, the immediate response was The Blame Game.
            The American government blamed the rebels because the plane had crashed in their region of Ukraine even though the Kiev government troops were there and engaged militarily against them. Kiev immediately blamed the rebels and accused the Russians of being behind it.
            As has become commonplace today in the foreign affairs of the US government, all energies are harnessed to immediately “catapult the propaganda” (as adolescent Bush once informed us), to control the narrative or to put it more sharply_to lie, for he who lies first, wins.
            And our Secretary of State, John Kerry, didn’t disappoint us. Within five days after the event he accused the Russians of being responsible for the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane. And he did this with all the gravitas that only a Dick Cheney could summon.
            Only he presented no evidence to support his claim. Obama followed suit.
            Putin was said to say of Kerry months earlier when the chemical weapons attack in Syria transpired and Kerry played down the role of al Qaeda, “He lied and he knows he lied. It’s sad.” One can only imagine Putin’s response to Kerry accusation made without the slimmest shred of evidence to back it up concerning the downing of MH 17.
            Evidence doesn’t seem to matter much anymore especially since Bush’s Brain, Karl Rove, summed it all up for all of us when he said of reality: “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”
            I would conjecture to say that within that fascistic gem one could easily extrapolate also that evidence is only what those in power tell us it is. For that is the purpose of propaganda, is it not? To control the thinking of its citizenry.
            I have always been amused that the Spanish word for advertisement is “propaganda”. Few seem to pick up on this. And of course most of us see advertisement as the means by which one SELLS something. Hence political propaganda sells the State’s truth or reality even if there is no truth or reality present.
            Facts never sold tobacco. Advertisements and the motion picture industry did…and just how many played the price for that?
            Facts like Flight MH 17 was directed 200 miles north of its original flight path and into an area of civil war where artillery and missiles were being used. Why have not the documentation from the Air Controllers who gave that directive to the captain of that plane been forthcoming?
            And of course at the time the US, whose always national interests are at stake thousands of miles away from its shores, had our satellites laser-ly focused over Ukraine and would have irrefutable evidence of just what transpired before, during, and after 298 persons lost their lives.
            But the US refuses to release those videos that could easily and authoritatively answer the question proposed in The Blame Game.
            Could it be that a rational, objective mind might rightfully infer that evidence withheld can only lead to the conclusion that the US government has something to hide or cannot support its claims no matter how much Secretary “How can you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake” Kerry postures emptily?