Please join us for a very important show on the state of Education in America. This show will cover the Charter school scam, attack on teachers’ unions, the For Profit University scam and a critical analysis of the Obama administration’s Race to the Top scheme. Public education continues under threat of being more and more under corporate influence; we will explain why. We are fortunate to be joined by Educational Scholar and author, Dr. Danny Weil, this episode. Dr. Weil will break things down to the lowest common denominator regarding education and much more. Please tune in to this show…you won’t want to miss it. Preventing these attacks starts will a solid foundation of knowledge regarding these issues. Your World News will continue to give you the info the corporate media wont!

Oh—and as always we will be playing some great resistance oriented and thought provoking Hip Hop Music.

(If you cannot listen LIVE today you can always listen to the show on ARCHIVE at anytime)