By Rebel Fagin

This article is being posted today as a direct response to Netanyahu’s blatant attempt to manipulate the US into a war with Iran on behalf of a foreign nation with lies that even Mossad denies.
I hate bullies; cowards who strike then run and hide behind big brothersback. Israel is one such bully who depends on big brother US to protect it asit flaunts every international law that hinders its imperialistic designs for a“Greater Israel”. When Palestine announced that it would be using International Courts to seek a redress of grievances, Israel froze $100 million in Gaza’s tax money while the US threatened to cut off aid. The message is clear: Palestinians are not worthy of justice. The US gives Israel $3.1 billion of our tax money every year. Congress votes in favor funding Israel over providing for the American people. The struggle for justice in Palestine will not receive support from official sources. We need to do this on our own.
I hate bullies and I find ways to fight back. One way we can all fight Israel’s illegal expansion into Palestine is to boycott products that benefit from the occupation. Israeli products begin with a 7290 bar code. Some manufacturers send their products to foreign countries for final packaging to avoid this bar code. Below is a short list of offenders all of which produce consumer goods and services with available substitute. When you buy from these corporations you support their investments. It’s a matter of choice.
The computer is ubiquitous. Hewlett-Packard makes computers and associated technologies. They are the main contractor for Israel’s biometric identification systems used at the checkpoints in the illegally occupied territories. There are more checkpoints within Palestine then there are at the borders with Israel. Motorola provides metal detectors and surveillance systems as well as the infrastructure for cell phone networks within the illegally occupied West Bank. They also manufacture Israel’s missile guidance system. Lots of companies make cell phones. It’s time to hang up on Motorola. Lots of companies make computers and computer parts. We don’t need H-P’s solutions.
RE/MAX profits from selling illegally seized Palestinian land to Israeli occupiers in Jewish-only settlements in violation of international law. Palestinian homes are bulldozed, their owners displaced, to make way for these settlements. I can find a place to live without going through lip-licking vultures like RE/MAX.
Sabra hummus has “adopted” Israel’s Golani brigade of occupying forces. Tribe hummus is owned by Osem investments which supplies food for the Israeli military. You want hummus? Here’s what you do. Combine chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, salt, garlic, red peppers and blend until smooth. Keep chilled. It will take you ten minutes to prepare and it won’t have that awful occupation taste to it.
In Oscar Wilde’s tale The Picture of Dorian Gray, an evil man continues to look attractive while his portrait shows the corruption of his life. So it is with some beauty products. By being based in ugly they can never make you pretty. AHAVA makes beauty products in the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem using natural resources stolen from West Bank portions of the Dead Sea where Palestinians are denied access. L’Oreal’s Natural Sea beauty products also use these same Dead Sea minerals. Code Pink’s “Stolen Beauty” boycott campaign has resulted with a number of stores and celebrity endorsers withdrawing their association with AHAVA.
Recently American Apparel opened stores in Israel including in Jerusalem in the Mamilla district. This district was ethnically cleansed of its indigenous inhabitants in 1948. American Apparel has a hip image. Racism and occupation are not hip.
All of these products can be replaced through providers who do not profit off the occupation. You have a choice. Select alternatives. Tell the offending companies why you are boycotting them and that you’ll return once they comply with international law. Boycotts work and most of the world supports justice in Palestine. The US stands alone in supporting the illegal occupation of Palestine. Join the struggle for justice today.


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