The following is by Rozy Press, who once an Los Angeles Unified School teacher,  has now had the shocking experience of having to fight both the corrupt LAUSD system as well as the State California Worker’s Compensation Fund. You can read Rozy’s testimonial below. Introduction Judge Jerold Cohn and Dr. John Stalberg Made up a […]

A Drunken Psychopath At the Wheel: Fukushima Revisited

by John Reimann Like a psychopathic drunk driver careening down a busy street, capitalism on its last legs is creating untold disaster in its wake. One of the most serious is the ongoing example of Fukushima. The 2011 earthquake in Japan and the resultant tsunami are events largely forgotten or otherwise ignored by the corporate […]

What We Know Now and An Alternative to Accountability-Based Education Reform

Randy Olson’s Flock of Dodos (2006) explores the evolution and Intelligent Design (ID) debate that represents the newest attack on teaching evolution in U.S. public schools. The documentary is engaging, enlightening, and nearly too fair considering Olson admits upfront that he stands with scientists who support evolution as credible science and reject ID as something outside the […]

Post-Liberal, Post-Libertarian Thinking

In these postmodern days, in which everything that has helped to define us, including our past, is thrown under the bus of cynicism, we would do well to recall the adage that those who chop away at their tradition like planks on a wooden boat, soon find themselves drowning because their boat is gone. Perhaps […]


I have written more than one million words on the internet for Dailycensored and other sites.  The lack of critical thinking never ceases to amaze me as I read comments by shills, trolls and other provocateurs.  Not only do many people not have the ability to think critically, they cannot even dialogue effectively. One reason […]

War Against Prisoners and Their Hunger Strike

As hundreds of prisoners finish the 36th day of the largest and longest prisoner hunger strike in California history, the battle is intensifying. CDCR secretary Jeffrey Beard’s vicious and mendacious LA Times oped was basically a declaration of war against prisoners and their hunger strike. At this critical moment there is a real need to forcefully respond to […]

Plutocracy and the millionaire banker who bought himself a seat in Congress

  In 2012 John Delaney (D) got elected to fill the new Maryland 6th district US Congressional seat which was created as a result of gerrymandering by Democrats in Maryland.  The newly created district was carved out of Congresswoman Donna Edwards’ 4th district seat, a progressive Democrat who did not toe the line set by […]

Achieve Says Mission-Based Common Core Tests Deliver the Goods

by Susan Ohanian The press release emanating from the office of Achieve Inc CEO Michael Cohen raises certain questions. First, note that Cohen’s previous jobs include: Director of Education Policy at the National Governors Association (1985-90) and Director of Planning and Policy Development at the National Association of State Boards of Education (1983-1985). During the […]

A generation of idiots and the tools we worship

Many readers may not know this but in 1949 Albert Einstein, the great scientist of the 20th century, wrote a piece for the economic journal, Monthly Review, entitled: “Why Socialism”.  In it, he calls for the establishment of a social and economic system that puts people before profit.  He also speaks of the “predatory phase” […]