Is there any parent of a child, elementary school age or younger, who would be satisfied with just looking at the photo of the face of your child for identification purposes if he or she were murdered along with 19 other children in an elementary school mass shooting?

Probably not, correct? You would need to be restrained by more than a couple of burly police to prevent you from seeing and at least touching for the last time that precious child you brought into this world and who gave you so much happiness.

But for the parents of the Sandy Hook child victims this is all that they were allowed to see. The last time they saw their children was on that morning, December 14, 2012, when they left for school with their warm jackets on.

And what is more unbelievable than what I have just described, not a single parent objected. In fact, though it is always the case in shootings at schools, elementary, high school, or college, lawsuits always follow. They may not go anywhere in the courts but they’re always there afterwards. At Sandy Hook, in the case of those children, not a single suit brought against the school board.

We all remember Columbine. Lawsuits followed, not surprisingly.

And that’s just the first anomaly.

As is the case far too often, the information we receive immediately through our ‘faultless’ media outlets are full of falsehoods, unsubstantiated facts, half-truths, and sometimes lies and cover ups.

It is later when the truth seekers do all the gathering of evidence and timeline information that we discover that what we were led to believe is not what is the Clarified Truth.

If you recall the broad portrayal of what happened, you probably came away with the conclusions that the murderer of these 20 children and 6 adults was, like Harvey Oswald, a lone, deranged gunman, one Alan Lanza. And that he had murdered his mother, a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook, back home, and then taking the weapons he and his mother used at the local target range, went to the elementary school and unloaded 153 shots committing the most ghastly of crimes, the killing of innocent children. He then proceeded to take his own life.

So that’s the Official Story. Sad, tragic, but nevertheless finished and accounted for in police reports. Americans heard about this on their news stations. It was another case of a mentally unstable young man going beserk, taking out innocent victims, and then before the police arrive taking his own life.

We, as a nation where the Second Amendment is enshrined in our Constitution, have become inured to such acts of mindless murder.

We register the event in our minds, our hearts are temporarily paralyzed with disbelief, but in the end we move on. Sandy Hook was a tragedy that will be rated up there with the Columbine killings and the Virginia Tech random murders.

But there are some facts that the police and the dauntless media reporters didn’t tell us, facts that change the entire complexion of that original perception that we came away with as the days passed, funerals were carried out, and all continued on with their lives.

Like it was reported that after eleven minutes after the alleged killing spree started all the children were pronounced dead, such that paramedics were not allowed to enter the school and minister to the children. And who made that pronouncement? There’s no record of whom. Conclusion, no medical personel actually saw any bodies at all. Justification_they were all pronounced dead.

The bodies of the children were eventually brought out of the school in rectangular white boxes and were said to be being sent to the local hospital. The hospital stated that they never were notified of this nor did those boxes every arrive. The bodies were never viewed as they were all closed caskets at the funerals.

Later that afternoon on the local news it was reported that one of the teachers saw two shadows of men run pass the gymnasium shortly after the first 911 calls had gone through to the police and they had arrived on the scene. This was confirmed by a video camera from a news helicopter that did indeed focus in on two man running past the gym and up a hill where they split in different directions followed by a pursuing police officer. Radio transmissions between cops affirmed that there was a cop in pursuit of two men who took off running up an embankment next to the school leading into a wooded area.

Later one of those two was brought down from the hill, handcuffed and put into the front seat of a police vehicle, the front seat!!!! The news reporter at the scene asked a witness to this, as they both were in the parking lot adjacent to the school, what he saw and to describe how the handcuffed suspect was dressed. He said that he had on camouflage pants and a black shirt, that when he passed through the parking lot on the way to the front seat of the police vehicle he told the parents standing around there that he didn’t shoot their kids.

Despite police audios from their radio transmitters, spotting more than at least five or six others suspects, some seen running up the side of a hill and away from a police chasing after them (this video taken from a news helicopter), these suspects were never mentioned in the police report. Also two male suspects who fled the school when the shooting started were later apprehended by the police 15 miles away in a purple van dressed up as nuns with ski masks in their vehicle. Again nothing of this mentioned in the police report.

All of this taped and available on video. And the perception left that Adam Lanza’s mother was employed at Sandy Hook, absolute falsehood. The fact that he and his mother frequented the local firing range_no record of them ever being there, nobody there knew them by face.

One of the heroes out of this mystery is Wolfgang Halbig, former state trooper in Florida, customs agent, teacher, administrator and school principal, and former Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. In short, a thirty-five year career in law enforcement and education.

When he heard about the Sandy Hook incident, and waited a respectful period of time, he wrote them asking if he could offer his services to ensure that this kind of tragedy would never happen again as this was his line of work. He is a national consultant who travels throughout the US setting up support systems to ensure safety in school environments.

They never responded to his request for help them.

He started sensing a cover-up and decided to investigate more deeply. There were just too many anomalies, beginning with the FBI out of New Haven classifying their reports. By comparison the reports for Columbine and Virginia Tech are open to the public. So why should Sandy Hook by classified?

Or why was it that trauma helicopters were never put on alert or even called as the 911 calls came in? Why when the police arrived, did they park a quarter of a mile away from the school? Why were ambulances stationed at the firehouse up the road in a parking lot and were blocked by other vehicles that would have prevented them from moving quickly in response to the needs of the victims (photo evidence show this)?

Wolfgang Halbig has created a list of 16 very basic questions that every taxpayer has a right to know. The school district and the state police refuse to answer any of them.

An example of just one: what biological hazard company was contracted to do the cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and body parts and what did they charge the school district? Refusal to answer.

Because of Wolfgang Halbig’s persistence in pursuing the truth through spending $15,000 of his own money to get a Freedom of Information Act warrant and doggedly attempting to get his answers responded to, one morning the FBI shows up at his home in Fort Lauderdale, reads to him the entire resume of his military service, police service, education career, etc. and then proceeded to tell him to stop asking questions.

To stop asking questions! When he refused, stating that he would not, they suggested that he get himself a lawyer. He said he would not because his questions were legally allowed under the FOIA warrant and that those who were not responding should be the ones thinking about getting lawyers.

Why would the FBI threaten a man well within his legal rights to ask questions?

Maybe that’s a question all of us should be asking ourselves? And just what is happening within our country that this is becoming a nation of classified secrecy and a repressive police presence? Why is law enforcement harassing and threatening one of their own? Why are whistleblowers being prosecuted and in some cases sent to jail?

Wake up, America. Fascism is knocking on somebody else’s door for the moment.

Who’s next? You?