The first part of my reporting on the Sandy Hook cover-up was taken down temporarily by Daily Censored because they felt I had no sources for my exposition. So having satisfied them that I did I was up and running again. My article was re-published.
But I feel an obligation to those who have read my article to include this video presentation by Wolfgang Halbig so as to give all of you The Source so that you can decide for yourselves.

If you do not know the facts, nor take the time to view this presentation, you can count  yourself among the dumbest of the dumb because this case is going to blow itself wide open.  Do your country the favor of  not being the last to know what happened at Sandy Hook. The evidence is clear. Each parent of those children received $281,000 for the alleged loss of their child. Those 20 children were not listed on the Social Security index and all the parents have left the area. That’s just a sliver off the iceberg of damning evidence.

Do your own investigation after watching this damning video.

Wolfgang W. Halbig came to an Oath Keepers meeting in Long Island NY on Monday, 6 October 2014, to discuss the evidence of the Sandy Hook massacre actually being an elaborate illusion pulled off by people within FEMA, Homeland Security and the highest levels of our government. He presented to a packed room of 150-200 persons, of whom about half were law enforcement and EMS workers. Prior to the presentation, I had (David Weiss) interviewed a few random people on their thoughts on Sandy Hook and all of them said they only know the official story of a lone gunman killing 26 people and they were here to hear a presentation on what really happened. They had no idea what they were about to hear. Wolfgang presented for just over 2 hours followed up by a Q&A. There were intelligent questions asked in search of an alternative reason things might have happened but the answers brought every point back to the undeniable conclusion that the official story was just that, an impossible story. By the end everyone there was wide awake to the mass deception played out on the world on 14 December 2012.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Many people out there have different opinions of Wolfgang from him being an agent for the PTB to not agreeing with his methods of investigation. If you don’t like his methods, that is your opinion and you have every right to it but if you think he is an agent out to crush the truth movement, thats where I step in and tell you that you are very mistaken. I (David Weiss) met Wolfgang after his first interview (with Dave Gahary) to go viral on YouTube. I helped him set up a PayPal account, which he had no Idea how to do and later his GoFundMe crowd funding account. The man has no ties to anyone that is out to stop truth. He has no agenda other than to expose the fraud at Sandy Hook. He has risked his life and his family relationships over this and has not gained a personal penny. In fact he has spent much of his own money. Love him or hate him, he is giving it his all and is a true American patriot and hero.