Finally, hot off the front page, “After Mickey’s Makeover, Less Mr. Nice Guy .   …Epic Mickey, in which the formerly squeaky clean character can be cantankerous and cunning, as well as heroic, as he traverses a forbidding wasteland.

Given the results of the elections on Tuesday I bet you thought the Democrats were finally coming around, that Obama actually was standing up to the promises he made as he campaigned.  Not.  However, if Mickey can change than there is still hope for Obama.

The un-hard fought victories of Tuesday are only a foreshadowing of events to come if Obama doesn’t commit to the promises he once made.   Christie didn’t so much win New Jersey as Corzine lost it.  Corzine lost it because disillusioned democrats simply didn’t vote.

The Republicans, feeling vindicated, are going to apply their failed economic philosophy to cure the ails of their state.  I express my sympathy for the citizens of New Jersey.  On the one hand I will be pleased to see the Republican’s plan fail so that everyone will be able to see what happens when wealth is so consolidated  that nothing actually trickles down.  On the other hand I will be saddened to see my friend’s health insurance disappear as his State supported health plan goes bankrupt.

Obama must open his eyes and his heart.  I hope he has it in him.  He is demanding that Karzai confront the corruption in Afghanistan.  Actually, Obama needs to take a closer look around at home.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is requesting a “supplemental $50 billion dollars” for his war in Afghanistan that doesn’t even consider the cost of the 40,000 new troops he is asking for.  There is NO clear goal for Afghanistan.  How can we keep pouring $$$ into that country, that we so badly need here at home, while Obama searches for some justification that will appease the American people?  We need to end this folly of a war on terror.  The War on Terror can be fought with bullets but it will never be won by them.  Ending the war(s) is/was but one broken promise.

Repudiation of war crimes was never promised, but it must be done.  If the actions of the Bush Administration are not brought to trial then they will be repeated.  Did I say repeated?  Just as 23 Americans have been found guilty of Rendition in Italy, the process is still occurring today.  The President has taken no clear action to stop it.

Gays are still being persecuted in the military,  “Don’t ask, don’t tell” still stands as does Defense of Marriage.  Gay partners still do not have access to federal benefits.

Health care reform is teetering on “Blue Dog Democrats,” republicans who have hijacked the Democratic Party.  The President cannot expect bi partisan anything.  If he can’t lead his own party then how can he lead this country?  He can ONLY lead this country when he demonstrates his popular support.  To do that, he must do what he said he would do and at least try to fulfill his promises.

Obama must institute an immigration policy that recognizes the contributions that the “illegals” have made to this country.  He must institute an energy policy that actually has teeth in it.  He needs to get rid of the partisan Federal Prosecutors, whom Bush installed, so people can once again begin to have faith in their judicial system.  AND, he needs to stop the foreclosures and find a way to redistribute the wealth in this country.

And then, after lunch, he needs to…  Yes well, it is a lot to do.  But, it has been a year and all I have seen is a lot of talk.  The banks are still ripping people off.  Soldiers are still getting killed.  People are still losing their jobs and while we are closer, we still have no healthcare reform.  If Mickey can change, hopefully our president can too.  It is clear that the people don’t like what they have seen so far.