Reader, I woke up this morning, turned on the Corporate Enabling Media only to discover that student athletes are going to bed hungry in this country at prestigious colleges and universities.


No Division I college athlete should never go to bed “starving” again. Following a meeting of its Legislative Council on Tuesday, the NCAA announced the removal of meal and snack restrictions on Division I athletes, according to NCAA associate director of communications Michelle Brutlag Hosick.

Whereas previously student-athletes were afforded only three meals per day, they will now have unlimited access to meals provided by on-campus facilities. The privilege will extend to walk-on athletes as well.


Headline news this morning on MSNBC. These starving students will now have “unlimited meals and snacks”. Snacks mind you! Unlimited!

Sometimes, my mind reels at our perverted sense of priorities as a nation. Poverty in this country is at a higher percentage than it has been for decades. Children are going to school and bed hungry. The homeless population has increased. More and more of the dying middle class are joining their ranks. The US Congress had an answer to this dilemma_to cut Food Stamps programs.

Does that even send a momentary synapsis to the frontal lobes of our brains or do we just move on to the next diversion that grabs our frenetic minds or to that dark and worn down gully we call our daily grinding routines?

What does this say about our society? We care more about college athletes on sports scholarships than we do about children, old people, and the homeless among us?

Among those in our institutes of higher learning we are hearing repeated over and over again that the number one determinant of educational failure is Poverty, and that leads to an increase in the prison population and to the coffers of the Prison-Industrial Complex.

And yet, an $875 million dollar a year sports council can open their food lockers to their “starving student athletes” while the US Congress can only slam shut theirs because…why?

And, by the way, that very same Congress has chosen to cut off extending unemployment benefits for working American families who lost their jobs due to the sociopathic gambling of the 1% whose stock portfolios have increased exponentially and who have received bailouts not only from the American people but also from their friendly banksters-cohorts at the Federal Reserve. Corporate welfare for the 1% and “lump it” (I can’t say “fuck you”_guess I just did, huh?) for the 99%.

Is it because these student athletes might just be the source of more revenues for investors down the line? Or is it that these student athletes might be the source of one more star studded, celebrity driven diversion for the Masses to take their minds off of their woeful economic conditions while our dystopian culture continues to rush headlong over the cliff of common sense, compassion, cooperation, and community?

__Bob of Occupy


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