Leap into Blockadia

by Rebel Fagin It starts in isolation; in farms in Nigeria, fishing villages in Greece, First Nations’ forests in Canada, the high plains of Mongolia, neighborhoods in Richmond.  Communities with few resources other than themselves stand up and physically resist the devastation brought to them by the fossil fuels companies.  Their vast extractions coupled with […]

Racism In America

By Elaine B. Holtz It was a moment of great pride listening to President Obama give the eulogy for Clementa C. Pinckney in Charleston, South Carolina.  Obama called for the Confederate flag to come down, the end of employment discrimination, unjust policing and prison sentencing.  He called for the end of excessive dialogues on race without substantive change. […]

A Culture of Resistance

by Rebel Fagin 200 species went extinct today. What can we do about it? Organize, educate, and act. The Climate Protection Campaign works with schools to educate students about greenhouse gases and helps them enact programs to reduce their usage. The Post Carbon Institute educates and empowers people in planning for a sustainable future. Transition […]

Before It All Goes Up in Smoke

by Rebel Fagin In 2016 Californian’s will be voting on the legalization of recreational use of marijuana by adults. If votes match surveys it should pass overwhelmingly. So what happens next? Stakeholders aren’t waiting to find out. Alcohol and tobacco companies have been eyeing this moment for years. Others like the Emerald Growers Association, the […]

Cannabis Prohibition Damages California’s Environment

By Molly Scott Cannabis prohibition is damaging the environment in California. Individuals that grow cannabis illegally on private and/or public lands utilize cultivation methods that cause environmental damage.  Sonoma County has been subject to damage from the use of illegal pesticides and rodenticides etc. on illegal cannabis farms and as the years progress the problem […]

G.M.O. Resistance

by Rebel Fagin We don’t have to do what the corporate death state says. We can choose how we’ll live, what media we’ll consume, and what foods we’ll eat. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have been added to a dozen crops. GMOs are used in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready seeds – the only seeds that will allegedly […]

Sweets for My Sweet

By Rebel Fagin Valentine’s Day is coming; a day when we celebrate our love for one another through poems, flowers, and chocolates. Many people think chocolate comes from Holland or Switzerland. Actually, chocolate is grown in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Guinea, and Burkina in northwestern Africa. Some of the farmers there use child slaves to […]