Leap into Blockadia

by Rebel Fagin It starts in isolation; in farms in Nigeria, fishing villages in Greece, First Nations’ forests in Canada, the high plains of Mongolia, neighborhoods in Richmond.  Communities with few resources other than themselves stand up and physically resist the devastation brought to them by the fossil fuels companies.  Their vast extractions coupled with […]

Block the GMO Rush

by Rebel Fagin This fall voters may be able to decide if they want to ban growing GMO food-like substances in Sonoma County. This doesn’t please the Corporate Death State and they’ll spend big bucks to defeat it. To them nature is a machine that can be tinkered with in the pursuit of short-term profits. […]

Resisting Corprotocracy Through Home Rule

by Rebel Fagin In September Dr. Vandana Shiva spoke at the Willits Grange. She said she came to Mendocino County as homage to the first community in the Western Hemisphere to ban GMOs. Her lecture was also a fund raiser for the campaign to make Mendocino County a charter county. Currently 14 of California’s 58 […]

Preserving the Water Planet

by Rebel Fagin There are substitutes for oil. There are no substitutes for water. It is through water that we are first experiencing climate change. Old solutions, like drilling deeper, building bigger dams, bringing water in from further away, and desalination will not avail us. Desalination plants are expensive to build. They use lots of […]

Before It All Goes Up in Smoke

by Rebel Fagin In 2016 Californian’s will be voting on the legalization of recreational use of marijuana by adults. If votes match surveys it should pass overwhelmingly. So what happens next? Stakeholders aren’t waiting to find out. Alcohol and tobacco companies have been eyeing this moment for years. Others like the Emerald Growers Association, the […]

Cannabis Prohibition Damages California’s Environment

By Molly Scott Cannabis prohibition is damaging the environment in California. Individuals that grow cannabis illegally on private and/or public lands utilize cultivation methods that cause environmental damage.  Sonoma County has been subject to damage from the use of illegal pesticides and rodenticides etc. on illegal cannabis farms and as the years progress the problem […]

Corporate Not-a-Solutions to Climate Change

by Rebel Fagin   Heating the atmosphere with greenhouse gases is killing us. Extractors speak of unnecessary transition fuels when what needs to transition is an exploitive economic system. Instead Extractors offer flawed, pro-development alternatives that only make matters worse. It takes a colonialist mindset to come up with a scam as diabolical as cap […]

Climate Change: Beyond Denial – part II

  By Rebel Fagin               Do you love? Do you remember how to love? If you fall in love with where you live you’ll fight to the death to defend it. Climate change solutions are rooted in locale and direct action groups are seeing results.             One of our strongest legal options may be […]

G.M.O. Resistance

by Rebel Fagin We don’t have to do what the corporate death state says. We can choose how we’ll live, what media we’ll consume, and what foods we’ll eat. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have been added to a dozen crops. GMOs are used in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready seeds – the only seeds that will allegedly […]

Tackling the Twin Evils before it’s too late

By Stephanie Hiller The energy and attention that used to be applied to the creation of temples, libraries, and settings for higher learning are now devoted to the creation and maintenance of nuclear weapons. It’s a necessity, a matter of life and death. Without that, there would be accidents. Even with all that intensive maintenance, […]