Double Reverse Psychology and the Cyberspace Blues: Light-Based Surveillance = Telescreen?

Josh Gray, 9/11/15 Like many people here in Sonoma County, I don’t have cable. For me, that decision is not about money. I have repulsion inside about network television, best expressed by the memorable outcry from the important movie called Network, from 1976. The film predicted our current situation of the money driven news system, […]

Freedom of Speech

   Well, first off, Jewish American Princess (JAP) is one thing, calling a Japanese person a Jap is another. I tend not to use names that offend but do feel that people should have the right to use them. Otherwise the idea of freedom of speech becomes quite dicey.    Name calling or words have only […]

The Two-Party System

It’s getting to be election time again and for many of you this will mean holding your nose and voting for the lesser of two evils.  Before you make that choice let’s look at the history of the two-party system. The U.S., like any other country, was founded by men who wanted to control the […]


I admit it, I have never been a big fan of Barrack Obama, dating back to when he was competing against Edwards. Edwards had a single payer health care plan for America and Obama had nothing. When pushed, he came up with a makeover of Romneycare. I was also afraid that he would not stand […]

No News Is Good News, Right?

Were you as surprised as I to hear of that RN in Spain? On national media, it was as if only the US and West Africa existed, without a thought given to how the disease could spread elsewhere. I will have to think about that later. At least, in Europe, they have Universal health care. […]

Sandy Hook_Forgotten, Classified, Covered Up?

Is there any parent of a child, elementary school age or younger, who would be satisfied with just looking at the photo of the face of your child for identification purposes if he or she were murdered along with 19 other children in an elementary school mass shooting? Probably not, correct? You would need to […]

Where Tea Party meets Far Left: The Fight Against Green Planning

Summary: The Tea Party’s penchant for the supremacy of property rights, individual liberty, and climate change denial would seem a poor fit for liberal areas like the San Francisco Bay Area. Yet they have made major inroads by honing in on one issue that riles people in the Bay Area –opposition to development. When Bay […]