Christmas Makes Me Feel Like Singing

by Rebel Fagin Ah, the holiday season, a time when people gather in public places to shop and enjoy the warmth of humanity. What better time to educate people about the struggle in Palestine. One way to do this is by singing Christmas carols that, in the tradition of the IWW, have been modified with […]

Block the GMO Rush

by Rebel Fagin This fall voters may be able to decide if they want to ban growing GMO food-like substances in Sonoma County. This doesn’t please the Corporate Death State and they’ll spend big bucks to defeat it. To them nature is a machine that can be tinkered with in the pursuit of short-term profits. […]

Resisting Corprotocracy Through Home Rule

by Rebel Fagin In September Dr. Vandana Shiva spoke at the Willits Grange. She said she came to Mendocino County as homage to the first community in the Western Hemisphere to ban GMOs. Her lecture was also a fund raiser for the campaign to make Mendocino County a charter county. Currently 14 of California’s 58 […]

No Peace Without Justice

by Rebel Fagin America’s cover for Israel’s conquest of Palestine is the Oslo Peace Accords. They say it’s the only way to peace. They never discuss justice. The U.S., Israel, and Palestine meet, ostensibly to create a Palestinian state. The Palestinians make more concessions while Israel takes more Palestinian land, secure in the knowledge that […]

Warning: Selling Cigarettes May Lead to Climate Change Denial

by Rebel Fagin The tobacco companies knew using their deadly product led to heart disease and cancer decades before they admitted to it. In that interim they lied about the safety of their products and cast doubts about the science questioning its safety. Lots of people died for their profit margin including, at age 51, […]

The Unholy Trinity of Trade

by Rebel Fagin When Obama won Fast Track from Congress, the bill that allows Congress to vote for or against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), but not amend it, many people missed some of the finer points of the legislation. Fast Track lasts for six years. That’s the rest of Obama and the first term […]

Preserving the Water Planet

by Rebel Fagin There are substitutes for oil. There are no substitutes for water. It is through water that we are first experiencing climate change. Old solutions, like drilling deeper, building bigger dams, bringing water in from further away, and desalination will not avail us. Desalination plants are expensive to build. They use lots of […]

Claim Jumpers in the Gold Field

By Rebel Fagin There’s gold in them thar hills, blue gold that is. From the Sacramento River to the Jordan River the drought is good news for disaster capitalists. These people believe in market fundamentalism. Under this belief system water is a commodity and not a right. To these corporations: Vivendi, Suez, Veolia, Terrier, Nestles, […]

Finding the Fulcrum of Change

by Rebel Fagin Archimedes once said, “Give me a place to stand and I can move the earth.” To leverage the earth one must first find the fulcrum and apply pressure. The majority of Americans will never rise up in resistance. We have been trained since birth to obey and for those that do there […]

A Culture of Resistance

by Rebel Fagin 200 species went extinct today. What can we do about it? Organize, educate, and act. The Climate Protection Campaign works with schools to educate students about greenhouse gases and helps them enact programs to reduce their usage. The Post Carbon Institute educates and empowers people in planning for a sustainable future. Transition […]