Leap into Blockadia

by Rebel Fagin It starts in isolation; in farms in Nigeria, fishing villages in Greece, First Nations’ forests in Canada, the high plains of Mongolia, neighborhoods in Richmond.  Communities with few resources other than themselves stand up and physically resist the devastation brought to them by the fossil fuels companies.  Their vast extractions coupled with […]

Urgently Needed Response to the Scourge of Terrorism

By Omar Ali, a Muslim academic resident of Walnut Creek No doubt that terrorism has been a major threat to the world for a long time. However, this new global challenge to the international community has demonstrated that it is no longer conducted on a small scale as individual criminal act. Terrorism today is a major global threat.  More than fourteen years […]

The New Face of Islamophobia by Amer Araim

Observers and scholars of American politics are aware of the fact that during campaigns particularly for presidential elections, candidates try to steer the enthusiasm of supporters, and even agitate them against their opponents even by attacking them personally or doubting their American citizenship as happened with president Barack Obama. To many this is part of the […]

Double Reverse Psychology and the Cyberspace Blues: Light-Based Surveillance = Telescreen?

Josh Gray, 9/11/15 Like many people here in Sonoma County, I don’t have cable. For me, that decision is not about money. I have repulsion inside about network television, best expressed by the memorable outcry from the important movie called Network, from 1976. The film predicted our current situation of the money driven news system, […]

American Parliament Upgrades U.S. Congress

By Robert Raven Washington- After the Opening Ceremony of the new Parliament of the American People, built at the base of Capitol Hill facing the Mall, the assembled Members of Parliament cheered and shook hands all around. Then they convened as the third house of Congress. The old Congress was controlled by wealthy campaign donors and […]

Media Facing Grammatical Crisis

The media are facing a grammatical crisis. The New York Times, for one, still writes “the media is.” Part two of this insult to thinking people is the relative use of “crisis.” The crisis issue was made evident in a recent New York Times article on Bill Cosby’s latest legal woes. “There is no benefit […]

Racism In America

By Elaine B. Holtz It was a moment of great pride listening to President Obama give the eulogy for Clementa C. Pinckney in Charleston, South Carolina.  Obama called for the Confederate flag to come down, the end of employment discrimination, unjust policing and prison sentencing.  He called for the end of excessive dialogues on race without substantive change. […]

Global One Percent Celebrate at the Bohemian Grove

By Peter Phillips July 18th 2015 was the first day of this year’s summer camp for the world’s business and political aristocracy and their invited guests. 2,000 to 3,000 men, mostly from the wealthiest global one percent, gather at Bohemian Grove, 70 miles north of San Francisco in California’s Sonoma County—to sit around the campfire […]

The Case for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel

by Omar Ali* It must be emphasized that disagreeing with our government’s position on the Middle East, should be considered as a sincere effort to correct a policy, which has proved unworkable and brought untold sufferings to the Palestinians, and to certain extent to the Israelis, as well as the region as a whole. Immediately after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, […]

Cannabis Prohibition Damages California’s Environment

By Molly Scott Cannabis prohibition is damaging the environment in California. Individuals that grow cannabis illegally on private and/or public lands utilize cultivation methods that cause environmental damage.  Sonoma County has been subject to damage from the use of illegal pesticides and rodenticides etc. on illegal cannabis farms and as the years progress the problem […]