RT News over the last couple of days has opened their international news coverage with the situation in Calais, France of immigrants trying to seek refuge, asylum in England.
        Much ado is given by Prime Minister Cameron to building fences, acquiring more sniffer dogs, and putting more resources in place to prevent their entry. The French seem overwhelmed and finding that after making arrests of asylum seekers, then releasing them to the street, they immediately return to all points of crossing and try again.
        So, the governments of England and France are arguing as to who should pay for this stop gap measure.
        This is the gist of the related news covering the story.
        God forbid that any real journalists, and not just reporters chronicling the surface of this catastrophe, start interviewing the so-called “Illegals”, finding out who they are, where they are coming from, and why they are here.
        Who, where, and why! Pretty basic objectives of journalists, wouldn’t you say? But where are these inquiries?
        Instead, coverage concerns itself with the angry mobs of the working class who are feeling threatened with the potential for having their jobs marginalized or lost completely, wages decreased. Class warfare at its historically, unlearned vilest.
       Tires are being burned at the ferries where the lorries cross over by the dock workers there. “Give me your tired, your hungry, your huddled masses yearning to be breathe free.” Not this time in our collective history. More like, “Enter at your own risk,”
       No more Summer of Love. It’s the Summer of Hate.
        So who are these human beings, where are they coming from, and why have they come?
        Really? The Journalism class doesn’t have a clue? It’s not like one has to venture back into the last century to get a clue.
        They’re Libyans, they’re Somalis, they’re Yemeni. They, these desperate human beings, aren’t just trying to get into England. They’re trying to get into the whole of Europe. They’re Iraqis, Afghanis, Syrians, Kurds, Bahrainians. And they’re also trying to cross the borders of the US. They’re Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Hondurans.
        And what do they all have in common?
        They are all occupied, through wars or economic global systems of control. And they are fleeing to what they hope will be a better life, the same thing every inhabitant of Europe or the US would do under the same circumstances.
        But you wouldn’t know that, would you? Because to bring that to a conscious level, the US and the European countries would have to take responsibility for creating that situation.
        The pulverization of Libya_Did the Libyans do that to themselves? Oh no, that would be the US and NATO especially England, France, and Italy. And how much money did England put into the destruction of that country, that government, that culture_L320 million.
        And of course history has taught us in the US annihilation of Iraq, as General Colin Powell instructed the adolescent boy president, W, “if you break it, you own it.” So England was right there in the rebuilding of Libya with the huge sum to date of L25 million. Seems appropriate, doesn’t it?
        I wonder how many of those “Illegals” holed up in Calais are from Libya, Somali, or Yemen?
        And what do we have happening in the US? Have we forgotten the destruction we did following our then president, St. Ronnie, in his glorious crusade against Communism in Latin America? Almost a quarter of a million dead Guatemalans, mostly indigenous. In El Salvador, seventy-five thousand in a twelve year civil war. How many fathers died in these two countries leaving behind fatherless sons to fend for themselves in a post war vacuum where family connectedness and basic civil values no longer guided the survivors?
        And NAFTA, a trade agreement, that we were told was the answer to all of our problems on both sides of the border. Did that serve the Mexicans well when the US dropped millions of tons of corn (a Mexican staple) on the unsuspecting heads of the working people there? That corn was cheaper than the Mexicans themselves could produce it for on their fincas (farms). So what was the consequence of that when their family farms bellied up, but to sell them and go North for work.
        Economic warfare on the 99%. And that of course means the 1% made out like banditos, Mexican oligarchs and US corporate oligarchs alike.
        And now the obedient scribes for the Corporate Enabling Media go about their tasks serving their superiors, reporting the superficial externalities without a mention of who, where, and why because that would jeopardize their careers and might accidentally connect the dots for their un-illuminated readers.