Dr. Dahn Shaulis, from New Jersey, the capitol of crime, has reported extensively on for-profit colleges and universities.  With the new Supreme Court decision upholding the ban against affirmative action for public colleges and universities the chances of creating more ‘customers’, among the African American and Latino communities for these criminal syndicates is now elevated.  Perhaps this is why the Department of Mis-education and the Department of Injustice have not gone after these ‘too big to fail’ criminal enterprises.

Thank goodness for people of courage like Dahn who implacably brings us the facts and points to the direction of social change and the end of these debt cancer schools that live off the government.


Here is a collation of Dahn’s great work!

Some people at for-profit schools believe that they can break the law and that there will be no consequences.  In the case of University of Phoenix (Apollo Group) these people believe they are “too big to fail,” no matter how corrupt their practices are.  They continue to use techniques of neutralization to maintain their deviant behavior.

These people at Apollo Group and Corinthian Colleges also do not believe that the Department of Education or their accreditors will do anything drastic.  And for good reason. For-profit predators in higher education have bought political leaders from both parties. They have bought activists, nonprofit organizations, and a myriad of litigants.  They know they can bully media reporters and unions.  They know that they can skirt the law, or break the law, using sales quotas to make labor decisions and they harass teachers for failing students.

Please read these entries from


Nothing is going to change

The department of mis-education, the district attorney in every state and the Higher Learning Commission know exactly how we enroll students and that we are for profit. They are not stupid! Schools have to make sure it’s not shoved in the publics place but Camden kid and DahnShaulis talk and talk but haven’t you gotten the idea yet that the Government doesn’t really care. Do you realize that if Univ of Phoenix went out of business that more than 12000 people would be out of a job that is just in Phoenix alone. No one wants to see that not UOPX, the state of Arizona, no one. The justification is we talk to adults if you don’t research your options and find a better school that’s not my fault. You don’t have to fill out the application! The reason why the government proposes a law and only partially makes any change is that they don’t really want to change it. Government officials don’t have to attend UOPX to know that $395 per credit is pricey they just don’t want to be responsible with the collapse of 12000+ unemployed plus the demise of hundreds of thousands of peoples’ diplomas. The school is not going to close happen don’t hold your breath. For pete’s sake although Bill Pepicello is retiring he was on the inner circle the whole time – ” Bill serves as a peer reviewer and team leader for the Peer Review Corps of the Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools that accredits degree-granting institutions of higher education. Bill was appointed to the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) under the U.S. Department of Education. The committee is tasked with advising the Secretary of Education on matters related to accreditation and to the eligibility and certification process for institutions of higher education.” He is part of the HLC and the Department of Education. All of those notices, warnings etc are not serious.




At our campus they have started holding us to numbers again. We were told we can be fired for not enrolling x amount of students, not hitting x amount of dials, and if we leave for the day without “making” it happen, don’t come back. We have been punished for not hitting individual run rates by being forced to work till 8 on Friday and 5 on Saturday. Threatened with Sunday. Written up for cancels after being told to gross up…it’s like GAO never happened around here.

It’s been like this for a long time. Even here at Wyo tech if you dare fail to many students your unofficially threatened with a PIP or on someone’s shit radar. It’s like unofficially being told to pass them all no matter what….even if they can’t read. Lot of quality …..not!

admission and fa has always been enrollment driven, although there is no written document that indicate it, the standard of performance is how many students you can enroll and that’s how you get to the top. It has always been the sale tactics. Although, you can no longer get rewarded monetarily or via gifts, you get to keep your job and be known as the top performer. Thus, employees will have a hard time proving that CCI is not up to compliance with that. Unless, some one has the balls to tape every team meeting they have, while discussing such topic.

…I may know of such recordings. But where is it in black and white they can’t talk numbers. State says NOT illegal. publication referenced earlier not explicit (granted its lengthy and I only glanced thru it). Does anyone know where the law says that admissions can not be held to or even given individual run rates?

Based on @8438’s statement there is s (sic) violation. Jobs are threatened every other day for not enrolling enough or not starting 80% or drops or reversals or cancels. They call it “quality of work” on paper


Does that bother anyone?


Now, a look at criminal Corinthian College


Corinthian Colleges (Everest, Heald, Wyotech) employees and students are being asked to write a letter telling politicians in DC not to make “gainful employment” rules any tougher on the corporations.  In effect, they are telling the exploited to help protect their predatory master.

According to CCi talking points, the problem with proposed gainful employment regulations:

  • It limits access to education for students seeking career skills and training.
  • It denies as many as two million future students the ability to attend the program of their choice.
  • It unfairly singles out schools providing flexible programs for students trying to juggle work and raising a family while going to school.
  • It does NOT focus on the quality of the education or the life-time earning potential of graduates; instead it uses arbitrary metrics to evaluate individual programs.
  • This rule primarily applies to career training schools. Many students try community college before finding success at Everest. If this rule goes into effect students might not have that option.


Internally we call it the wagon burner division.



It’s obvious to me that Corinthian Colleges (Everest is a subsidiary) targets women, particularly working class women, women of color, single mothers, underemployed and unemployed women.

The ads and the placement of ads clearly shows who is being targeted.

As California Attorney General Kamala Harris highlighted, companies like this use tv time to prey upon vulnerable people, which includes women, military veterans, people of color, immigrants, disabled people, and the underemployed.
Is there anyone out there who has the money and resources to help me research this and present it?


Now for some news on Strayer ‘University’

An anononymous whistleblower sent me this email today about Strayer University in NJ and PA and their phantom classes.
Can this information get out to the US Department of Education?
Please read this information.
Now some news on Strayer ‘University’, another syndicate

Strayer University is recording classroom meetings and over 250 of those recorded classes are public on the internet.

These recordings of campus classroom meetings document that classes start late, end hours early, or never happen at all.

Strayer University may not be aware that these recordings of Strayer class meetings are public.

You can view these recordings for yourself at

More than 250 recordings of Strayer class meetings are public now. Reviewers can find elements of fraud, as well as academic incompetence, etc.

Students are cheated out of classroom contact hours. Accreditation agencies are being lied to about the total contact hours students really get.

Strayer has been recording class meetings at 2 campuses (NJ and PA) and recently announced that classroom recording will be extended to many more campuses. Strayer has no written policy or contract language about classroom recordings, faculty input, fair use, the legality of recording students, or faculty pay for being recorded.

I am emailing you anonymously because I am afraid of recrimination from Strayer… or worse.

Please review & document these class recordings while they are still public, and expose Strayer University fraud and illegal recording of students and faculty.

Wisconsin proposes state-level open access to public universities


A worthwhile effort from Wisconsin professors to give money to community colleges instead of for-profit predators.


Students could have their first two years of public university paid for by the federal government, according to a plan proposed by University of Wisconsin-Madison professors.

Sara Goldrick-Rab and Nancy Kendall, associate professors of educational policy studies at UW-Madison, have been working on a paper detailing a plan that would reallocate the financial aid money spent at for-profit universities and private universities back to the public sector, Goldrick-Rab said.

“Its not right for the University of Phoenix to charge students $25,000 a year and pay for it all with financial aid that came from taxpayers,” she said. “So we take all that money and simply redistribute it in the public system, and it turns out we have more than enough money.”

According to Goldrick-Rab, students considered lower-class would no longer be favored for financial aid over middle-class students under the plan.

“We really were struck by the fact that a lot of people act like the only people who need financial aid are the really, really poor people,” Goldrick-Rab said. “And if you look at the data it’s actually pretty clear that even the middle class is having a hard time.”

The plan would not be limited to in-state students and out-of-state students would be able to attend the first two years of any public university in the country for free as well, Goldrick-Rab said.

After completing the first two years, students would receive an associate degree as a safeguard in the event they would not be able to afford the last two years.

“Two years of post-secondary education, especially when it results in a certificate or associate degree, has considerable value in today’s labor market,” Goldrick-Rab and Kendall wrote in their paper.

Although the final two years would not be automatically funded, Goldrick-Rab said a university could distribute its institutional grants to mostly juniors and seniors since they would have already proven their worth as students.

If the federal government agrees to implement this plan, it could be enacted in public universities within the next five years, Goldrick-Rab said.
Read more:

What can be done?


Chilean students marching in the millions for universal access to public education

I know that my intention was to connect with students, in order to build a vibrant movement against for-profit schools (“FPEs).

Danny Weil has written extensively about this topic over the last five years.  Two new books, by David Halperin and Suzanne Mettler, also highlight some of the underlying issues. The key about Mr. Weil’s analysis is that he shows that people and events in Chile and Ecuador can help us understand what we need to do.

My vision would be to see community college students, other students in public higher education, and students at historically black colleges use many types of nonviolent tools of democracy to resist these schools.  I think you could use popular education, letters to the editor, petitions to keep these schools off campus, counter-recruiting techniques, flash mobs, culture jamming, and many other tactics.  If you have time, I can further explain these tactics.

If you didn’t know, schools like University of Phoenix get more than $30,000,000,000 each year from the federal government that should be going to more legitimate schools.  These FPEs also target people of color, single mothers, immigrants, disabled people, military veterans, community college students, and the underemployed.

So knowing this, what will students be willing to do? Better do something for if not, debt purgatory and drive by college diplomas.

In solidarity,

Dahn Shaulis

Now, take a final look at an anonymous e-mail I received


The Lumina Foundation (the photo is of James Merisotis, president of thhe Lumina Foundation, formerly Sallie Mae) has its fingerprints all over what you have read.  You can google ‘Danny Weil AND the Lumina Foundation’ if you do not know who they are.

Whoa, this turned out being the opposite of what I thought it would be, and a bit scary. Search for “Redefining College Affordability: Securing America’s Future with a Free Two Year College Option” by Sara Goldrick-Rab and Nancy Kendall (it will appear as a hit on the Lumina Foundation site). I couldn’t find it on Lumina’s site by search so I didn’t  capture and insert a URL.Makes me wonder all the ways this idea benefits the pro for-profit movement aside from the automatic AA assignment.
Meanwhile, during my search, I ran into the following infomercial parodying for-profit colleges.Infomercial: For-Profit Online University
Several sources review or mention the video, but Wiki gives a quick clear break down

IMBD lists the video