It was announced yesterday that Israel seized and confiscated 1000 dunum (almost 1000 acres of land) from the Palestinian People. The US made a statement as to how inappropriate that was…..wink, wink!

There will be continued servicing of the Israeli military and economy by American taxpayer monies, and probably increases in order to re-stock their arsenals for the next “mowing of the lawn” in Gaza.

For those who don’t already know, it is against all international laws to steal lands acquired from a war. It is illegal then to appropriate that land and build on it.

The US, dishonorably and dishonestly, is accusing Russia of invading Ukraine, trying to get the American public on board for a attack on Russia.

The contribution of our elderly statesmen, and I say that dripping with sarcasm, is the conflagrant reawakening of the Cold War mentality.

Meanwhile Reagan’s “Freedom Fighters” in the eastern part of Ukraine, representing mostly Russian speaking inhabitants there who have had their homes and civic buildings fired upon and bombed, causing deaths and destruction, have recently won victories over the Ukrainian regular army. The captured soldiers were released but had to surrender their weapons_unreported by the Western Media…doesn’t fit their propagandistic attempts to control the thinking of their citizens

Going unreported are the hundred of Ukrainian soliders of Russian ancestry, and some Ukrainian, who have fled over the border to Russia because they are starving, under-equipped, or because they refuse to kill their own people. Again, not reported.

The accusation that Russians have crossed over their shared borders with Ukraine, still unsubstantiated, is enough of an affront that the US government wants to take us into what could become WWIII.

At the same time, it just gives a wink to Israel is it steals lands from the Palestinian People, an invasion in and of itself

Obama, the Father of All Hopes, is deceiving the American People, with what could develop into Saddam Hussein’s “Mother of All Wars”.