Is it true that Frank said the US “had to fight ISIS”?  The US military is always a force for evil, whether intentionally or through stupidity. We don’t need to fight anyone. We just need to stop sponsoring sectarian terrorists.
Interesting interjection and I agree. Nobody has to fight anybody. If bull headed, testosterone laden males with a few female personages thrown in haven’t learned yet that fighting only extends to more fighting and that diplomacy is really the only answer, then there’s no hope. And judging by the common thinking in the congress, there isn’t any.
But Phyllis Bennis, not Hillary Clinton or Barbara Boxer or Lady Di, has actually laid out a plan for a diplomatic solution. It begins with the heads of the West and the Middle East getting together and preventing any further arms from reaching any terrorists_theirs or ours.
Do you think that’s worth a try?
Instead of feeding the conflagration, why not put a damper on it?
A rational human being would say yes, but we’re not dealing with rational human beings, but dishonest, calculating schemers who even if they could conduct open meetings for the world to behold, would be stacking the deck for their own interests and finding yet more clandestine ways to smuggle in arms to overthrown Assad who we deem the problem, the problem at least for the US, Israel, the1% who control the last gasps of carbon fuel on this planet.
Obama is deceiving the American People in that he has just gotten the congress to agree to ship more arms to OUR opposition terrorists who have been seeking to overthrow Assad. And they who beheaded six innocent individuals, one of them a priest, many months back videotaped for our entertainment enjoyment, and have now signed a truce with ISIS, will clearly become a conduit for ISIS for those armaments and any free intelligence the CIA would like to share for their own nefarious purposes.
But Americans who want all the ugly monsters to go away so they continue their pointless searches for yet one more celebrity to put up on a pedestal and then tear down viciously will be looking to the shiny smiling president to be their liberator from all things uncomfortable and which get in the way of their more compelling pursuits.