As we enter a new year, one can only hope that the for-profit college and university scam will become more evident to students, parents, teachers and the general public. has fought long and hard trying to expose these naked and callous syndicates of despair.  It appears that more and more people are seeing through the flimsy window dressing of the for-profit predatory college and university ‘mob’.

We wish to thank all readers for their interest in this subject and would like to note that as the for-profit college and university debacle continues and people become more educated as to their parasitic practices, the level of creativity in fighting these profit machines amongst us also deepens.  This is encouraging.

One way to call attention to these rackets is to use humor and satire in an attempt to ‘culture jam’, as Dr. Dahn Shaulis has shown and advocated.

Culture jamming can be done in many ways, but through humor in a post-literate society, this may be the best manner to denude these financial profit centers.

The following is a video of ‘For Profit University’.  It is about 11 minutes long and captures the malodorous essence of these custodial cancer-debt schools.

Enjoy it!  And please, make a resolution for the upcoming year that you will try to do  ‘something’, no matter how slight, to stop these predators from stealing lives and money.

Happy New Year from ‘For-Profit University’ (FPU)