The Republicans were right about the fact that there would be death panels.  What they did not say was that they would be on them.  The first thing they want to cut is reimbursements to doctors and hospitals for treating poor people.  They are sentencing poor people to death.

Republican Study Group Issues Proposed Budget Cuts

Leading conservative House Republicans announced Thursday some specific programs they plan to target in service of their campaign pledge to cut government spending.

Some of the cuts would shift costs to states. The proposal would save an estimated $16.1 billion by rolling back federal Medicaid funding, putting the burden for those patients on state and local governments instead.

Not only will it eliminate MEDICAID, it will create more poor people.  Cutting $16.1 billion from healthcare will cause the layoffs of hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers.  The GOP has no shame.

Oh yeah and they want to cut Veteran Benefits back to 2006 spending levels.  That is back to before the time  George W figured out that he forgot to budget for injuries when he jumped into war with both feet.

House GOP caucus, aims to return non-defense spending to 2008 levels and non-security spending to 2006 levels. It would cut funding for veterans programs, scientific research at the Department of Energy, Homeland Security, transportation, housing, education, legal services, foreign aid and the arts, according to a summary released by the RSC.

If you think unemployment is high now, what do you think these cuts will do, besides destroying this country’s infrastructure, educational system and veteran’s health care?  Are you going to stand by and watch them take this country apart?  It is time for the silent majority to get involved before we all end up like holocaust victims, because that is what is coming.