Any super power will reach a point where, in order to survive and take care of its own self-interests, somebody else’s self-interests has to be sacrificed…well, a better word would be exploited. Hence the stealing of resources of a country with the attendant crimes of murder through war, murder through the poisoning of the people whose environment has been defiled (cancer), murder through the breakdown and destruction of a culture.
Self-interest seem to be the defining mark of our world, without any regard for the consequences to Others and the Planet. It’s the result of placing the abstraction of profit on the altar of the highest worship.
I went to a Codepink demonstration again last night on Montgomery and Market, just outside the Financial District and down from Senator Feinstein’s office. It’s amazing watching the ants scurry mindlessly and always with undercurrents of fear to make contact with the eyes of fellow human beings. Some few let that fear show when they see the pictures we have there of dead children in Afghanistan or the Gaza….followed by furtive glances away and back to routine, decaying motions.
So many things in this world are discoverable through a little effort of research and reason. And yet politics seeks to create a consensus of manufactured history irrespective of or in total antithesis to the clear results of that honest effort, to have its own way in pursuing a country’s path of overpopulated survival. With capitalism being offered incense and ablutions, the Obama’s and Netanyahu’s lie nakedly to the entire world and few call them on it.
Israel has a right to defend itself. Really? Palestine doesn’t? Why isn’t the Leader-from-Behind Obama making that point? He could be educating the masses. Because he can’t and still play his dishonest role. He must lie by continuing the lie to stoke the fires of controlling all the cogs and wheels the keep in place a muderous death knell on a people, the Palestinians, who challenge not Israel’s right to exist but their right to remain unexposed for their blatant stealing of another nation’s lands in their pursuit of an Israel for Israelis only.
And the price?___ the starkly obvious means to achieve this, an incremental genocide, that was ironically the catalyst emanating from their Holocaust history to the creation of their state which was called Palestine in 1947. So now the Abused has become the Abuser. And the justification must be cloaked in anything but the Truth. And all facts must be manufactured to blind the world to the reality that they are stealing what belongs to the Palestinian People. And an American president who plays his role of further embellishing the lie for it serves the self interest of the country he drives towards total world hegemony of resources and financial gains.
In 1947, in the country of Palestine, there were 500,000 Jews and 1,500,000 Palestinians. So in 1948, the world saw fit to create two states essentially giving the Jews 78% of the land and 22% to the Palestinians. Seem fair, right? To the smaller population, the far larger portion. Did the Palestinians approve that arrangement? Of course not. The rest is history.
But a dishonorable history cannot be allowed to exist. So lies needed to be created to cover up the blood soaked, dirty laundry. And each country that was instrumental in that original theft, i.e. Israel, US, and Britain took their cues from the Nazis’ Goebbels and hence the repeated lies began.
Yesterday in the Parliament of Great Britain parliamentarians got up and spoke, exposing those lies, their hypocrisy and illegality, but will they be heard?
Each role player on the world scene will stifle his uncontrollably exploding conscience and repeat the mantra of the Lie. Why? Because it serves each role player’s SELF-INTEREST to do so.
And more innocent Palestinians will be mutilated or murdered with American military hardware given to our Israeli twin evil brother to further blot out the cries of a People who for some strange reason don’t care to live in an open air prison, where their food, water, infrastructure materials, and medicine is controlled by a military regime surrounding the cage they’re suffocating in, where their movements are limited to the dictates of their outside prison guards, where their rights to even fish in the own waters off their shores to feed their people is quashed, where their means of outside revenues is non-existent since exports are forbidden, and where they don’t even have the right to their skies above their prison camp as they have no airport since it was summarily destroyed by their warden.
And thus Self-Interest has become the hallmark of great nations_where Self-Reflection is an obstacle to the manufacturing of the LIE.