In the ongoing fight against injustice, imperialism, and plunder (to name a few social maladies), access to information is a critical battle within this struggle. This is why the US corporate media, and their political partners, go out of their way to limit the range of Americans understanding of critical global issues. They do this by way of flat out omission and/or the blatant misleading of news and information. The US corporate media is no ally to those who are social justice advocates—-the corporate media is beholden to their corporate mistresses. This is why truly independent and progressive media is essential if we are to engage the masses critically. Without this kind of engagement, it is that much more difficult to organize and mobilize them to demand social change that benefits the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized. This is why we created and developed the Your World News Media Collective—to help combat the government induced apathy.Your World News does not simply hide behind keyboards and computer screens. Your World News is a collective of activists who use the media as a tool to educate, galvanize, mobilize and, yes, organize communities towards tangible social justice centered work. We make every attempt to get out into the streets, with our boots on the ground, in and effort to join/create with movements, organize, protest, rally, as well as to help create steps towards eradicating social injustice. This media collective a tool, not the end all be all. There is no substitute for becoming actively engaged, on the ground level, when it comes to social activism. Real activists do not only use keyboards, cameras, and microphones—they get out amongst the people and engage in the work that requires all hands on deck. Your World News tries to do just that—get involved!

Your World News (YWN) is a Community Based Media Collective that was started in 2009 with the intent to report news that the corporate media often ignores, as well as to deconstruct critical issues and stories that need to be told—from a progressive and radical narrative. We at Your World News are activists, first and foremost, who have decided to take our pens, cameras and microphones to the streets—where the real battles for social change begin and end. We refuse to allow regressive and methodic mainstream thought confine our political expression merely to rigged ballot boxes. We don’t hide behind our keyboards, cameras or microphones—-we make every effort we can to rally, mobilize and organize with the communities we represent. Your World News is merely a critical weapon we use within the vital information battlefront. The corporate media is an effective tool used by those who wish to continue to keep power concentrated within the hands of a few. Your World News will continue to fight the good fight with those who wish to see progressive change and on behalf of those historically marginalized and oppressed!

Your World News is for you (the community). We will make every effort to bring you critical information and news geared towards broadening our understanding of a vast array of social issues. We want to remain a part of the community, embedded, so that we can reach the masses with information as well as report the stories that are not getting the attention they deserve. We want the community to utilize this outlet to get information as well as to have their stories told. We need you (the community) to make YWN the success it can be—our success is the community’s success.  Please visit, peruse the site and please pass us along to all of your networks and contacts.

 With writers and correspondents throughout the globe; Your World News is consistently expanding and evolving. We are always seeking STRONG writers who are progressive (radical) social activists. If you are interested in writing or serving as a correspondent for Your World News please email us at: and/or If you have a story that you would like us to try and cover, email is at the same addresses listed above.

 Thank you for your support—we are in this together.

In Solidarity,

The Editorial Staff of Your World News