Gadhafi will leave and soon and spend the rest of his days in Venezuela.  The rebels in Libya will ask China to help them with their oil.  The GOP primary dance will continue because not all primary elections take place on Diebold machines.  However, when it is all done, the media and the GOP will have selected Cain as the front-runner and Maybe Michele Bachman as his running mate.  With the recent shift of the Supreme Court to “State’s Rights,” they will swiftly overturn Obama’s Health Care plan.  After Cain and Bachman are elected, the consumer protections enacted by Obama will be reversed, the banks will move their debit card swipe fees back to 44¢.  Natural gas fraqing will begin big time in Pennsylvania as well oil shale fraqing in Texas.  The Oil companies will apologize profusely for poisoning all the aquifers.  Gasoline will settle at $5/gallon. After a few more disastrous global warming catastrophes, many states, counties, and cities will go bankrupt.  China, with all their, otherwise worthless, dollars will buy up lots of real estate, build plants and start manufacturing goods over here with all the cheap, unemployed labor.  The environment will deteriorate into the toilet.  Hopefully no one will light up one or two of the thousands of nuclear weapons that are stored around the country.