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Solomon Comissiong

Solomon Comissiong is an author, social activist, educator, public speaker, hip hop historian and educational consultant. Solomon is also the host of the Your World News Radio Program ( )

Comissiong’s personal and pedagogical philosophies influence the content of his lectures and training sessions. Mr. Comissiong is passionate about improving education, as well as developing ways to insure that all students will have an opportunity to learn. Comissiong believes that learning can occur best by means most familiar to the student. He uses a familiar base to jumpstart learning the unfamiliar. Comissiong has appeared as the keynote speaker for forums, conferences, and education related events throughout the United States .

Solomon’s commitment to culling out the numerous positives from Hip Hop Culture in order to create a bridge between contemporary generations, mature scholars and reluctant young learners is part of his Mindset Transference Theory©. He is a skilled and passionate orator who engages his audiences as he demonstrates, within the content of his presentations, the style and commitment that has won him popularity among fellow educators and a wide range of student populations.

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