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Mark A. Adams

Mark Adams

Mark Adams

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA is active in the election, judicial and media reform movements.  Mark practiced law in Florida, and represented Max Linn, the Reform Party candidate for Governor of Florida in the 2006 election, in successful lawsuits brought against the media to require his inclusion in the Gubernatorial debates. These were the first injunctions won getting a third party candidate into debates.

Mark has handled more Congressional election contests than any other attorney.  He represented John Russell, Clint Curtis, Frank Gonzalez, and others in contesting the official results of the 2006 elections in Florida state court and before the U.S. House of Representatives. He pioneered contesting elections by gathering affidavits from voters showing how they voted, and his team gathered affidavits showing that the official vote counts were wrong.

Mark founded Project Vote Count to expose the facts that computers count our votes in secret and that secret vote counting is unconstitutional and to gather affidavits from voters in exit polls to prevent election fraud.  Mark is also a co-founder of POPULAR an organization which works for judicial reform.

Mark’s work appears on the Daily Censored, on OpEdNews, on Republic Media, and on other news outlets as well as his channel on

Mark has been involved in the judicial reform movement since 2003, the media reform movement since 2004, and the election reform movement since 2006.  Before those years, he believed that judges followed the law, that our media told us the truth, and that our votes were counted.  Beliefs that most of us once held and that many still hold on to.  Unfortunately, Mark, like many of us, learned that these beliefs were no longer true.  However, Mark believes that we can counteract the forces which have destroyed these institutions if we face reality and take action before it is too late.

Mark asks that you please remember that the American dream will die and our children will suffer if the people do not know what their government leaders are doing, if the people are not able to vote ineffective or corrupt leaders out of office, or if judges can ignore the law and the facts with no repercussions!

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