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Danny Weil

dannyDr. Danny is a public attorney and an educational writer. He has published several books including School Vouchers and Privatization, Charter Schools, 1st edition, and his new book, Charter Schools, 2nd edition will be out in October of 2009. He has thirty years experience in law, state and federal certified attorney, teaching, educational and organizational management consulting for administrative personnel, union organizing and negotiation, curriculum development, teaching of all grades within public schools including, but not limited to, primary grades through universities, parent education, primary/elementary school education, middle school education, high school education, college education, multicultural education, bi-lingual education, philosophy, legal-based education, language development, juvenile delinquent education, migrant education, language instruction, and the organization of complex interactions between people and tasks including: teacher in-services K- university; corporate, governmental and non-profit training; business seminars; symposiums; environmental law and protection; housing and urban development; local municipal government; regional planning; drafting major legislation; curriculum design; lesson plan publications K-university. He can be reached at [email protected].

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