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Adam Bessie

Adam Bessie is an assistant professor of English at Diablo Valley
College, a community college just outside of San Francisco.  He
teaches composition, reading, and critical thinking to students of a
wide range of levels, from beginning adult readers to literature
majors. He publishes essays regularly on language, politics, media,
and education in a wide variety of independent media, including
Truthout, OpEdNews, and, of course, Daily Censored. Most recently,
Adam co-wrote a chapter in Project Censored 2011 (with Mickey Huff and
Frances Capell) titled “Manufacturing Distraction,” in which he
focused on metaphor, propaganda and social networking.  He also
contributed scholarship on metaphor and the mind to a major upcoming
scholarly article by the former president of the International
Psychoanalytic Association.  He also has a scholarly interest in
comics, writing an award winning journal article on the use of graphic
novels in the community college classroom, and helping to create an
accredited college English course focused on the artform.  He lives in
Oakland, California with his wife, a high school history teacher.
Follow his essays on Twitter: @adambessie

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