10/5 Action On World Teachers Day To Defend Public Education & Fight Privatization
Picket And Rally Friday October 5, 2012 4:30 PM At WestEd located at 730 Harrison St. San Francisco

October 5, 2012 is recognized as the the International Day For Teachers and public teachers, all education

workers and students are under a frontal attack through privatization in San Francisco, California and nationally. The existence of public education is under threat and education workers, students, unions and all working people need to defend our basic right to equal access to a high quality education for all.
Leading this assault are many so called non-profits such as WestEd which are funded by public agencies and school districts but are controlled by reactionary privateers such as  the Lumina Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Packard foundation, The Kellogg foundation, The Teagle Foundation the Broad Foundation and so many more.
They are pushing charters and privatization, online education to eliminate teachers and for testing and corporate driven “core standards” that benefits testing and educational textbook cartels such as Pearson Inc.
Although this is a public agency it includes no labor representation on it’s board of directors.
In San Francisco teachers, education workers and supporters of public education will be rallying at 4:30 PM at the San Francisco headquarters of WestEd and speakers will discuss the real role of WestEd and other organizations that are intent on privatizing public education in the United States from K-16.
We must defend public education in San Francisco, California, the US and throughout the world especially on World Teachers Day.
Initial Sponsor
United Public Workers For Action www.upwa.info