On March 31, the UMD student newspaper, the Diamondback, wrote an article based on an anonymous letter from a non-exempt University Employee describing the work environment on campus as a “Nazi camp” and a “plantation.” “We are made to feel like idiots,” the letter said. “Our opinions are null and void, our days are as if we are in a labor camp. We are treated with utter disrespect and we have no one to direct our complaints to.”

This letter, however, is not the first that has been delivered to the University Administration. So far, President Loh, Human Resources, and the rest of the University Administrators have refused to publicly respond to these letters or take actions to address the workers grievances. This treatment of workers on campus is unacceptable.

On Wednesday, April 13 at 1pm allies and supporters of the workers’ cause have called a rally and speak out on the administration steps to demand that the University take action to right the wrongs faced by the University’s non-exempt employees end the climate of fear.

From the struggle to defend unions in Wisconsin and the Midwest, we have seen the importance of struggle and solidarity. Come raise your voice for workers rights and to show your solidarity on campus with us.

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We also urge everyone to contact President Loh and demand that the University take action on the workers behalf. Phone: 301-405-5803. Email: president@umd.edu