Lake View Elementary Privatization And The Fight  To Protect Public Education Jack Gerson, former Castlemont High School Teacher and OEA elected representative to the CTA in Studio Bob Mandel, retired Oakland School District Adult School Teacher and formerly on Oakland Education Association Executive Board in studio Mike Elk-Labor Reporter for In These Times on Union Busting in the Department of Defense DOL Film maker Anne Lewis on “Anne Braden:Southern Patriot”
WorkWeek 7/9/2012 Labor Calender
Today Monday July 9th  at 6:00 PM there will be a rally against the effort to shut down San Francisco Community Colleges by an accrediting agency that is run by privatizers. The rally and speak out will be held at the LGBT Center which is located at 1800 Market Street. Professors including members of AFT 2121, staff and students of the community college will be rallying to organize against the attack on public education. For more information go to
Tonight as part of LaborFest  in San Jose at at 7:00 PM there will a screening of Anne Braden: Southern Patriot. It will be held at the San Jose Peace Center located at 48 South 7th St. in San Jose.
On Wednesday It will also be screened in San Francisco along with an Iranian film The Remembrance Of Time Past, a film about Palestinian child laborers Milk, Honey and Tomatoes and Anne Braden: Souther Patriot. This screening will be held at 518 Valencia near 16th St and Valencia.
For more information go to or call (415)642-8066
Sunday July 15 at 5:00 PM  there will be a Oakland Lakeview school support rally with open mike and performance by Boots Riley and other artists  at the Splash Pad Park is across from Lakeview Elementary and the Grand Lake Theater. For more information go to
On Sunday July 15 Sunday at 10:00 AM at the Berkeley Arts Festival Gallery  which is located at 2133 University Avenue, Berkeley
there will be a meeting in Berkeley to save the art and post offices as well as the postal workers who face massive layoffs. Speakers include UC geographer Gray Brechin, Dave Welsh of NALC Local 214 and APW member Jose Carlos Riquelme a member of the APWU. For information call 510-847-8657
Also on Sunday July 15 at 6:00 PM there will be the annual LaborFest boat ride with with writers including Gray Brechin, labor photographer Joe Blum and others who will discuss labor history and get a close up look at the work on the Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge. The workers on the bridge are 100% union and we will learn how this self-supporting bridge is being constructed. To get more information on the call (415)642-8066 or go to
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