Homophobes in D.C. are eager to spend $550/hour for an attorney to defend DOMA while 15,000 3- to 4- year olds in Ohio were dropped from Early Childhood Education, as ECE programs across the nation took a big hit.  I was going to cite some examples, but there are just too many big cuts to education, you can Google it yourself.  It doesn’t matter anyway.

If the GOP was about eliminating the deficit, they would demand rescinding all the Bush era tax cuts.  All I see, across the nation, is the GOP cutting corporate and elite income taxes, as they seek to eliminate any programs that would enrich this nation in any and every way.

They are gutting education, the environment, and even transportation.  They are slashing $318 billion from the DOT while leaving all the “subsidies” to the oil companies in place.  At $4/gallon, racing to over $5/ gallon, these fraqing robbers do not need any incentives (read my tax dollars) to pump more oil.

How can Americans sit idly by, pressing “sign this petition” buttons while the GOP is fraqing raping us?  120,000 Germans marched to oppose Nuclear Power even as Ms Merkel is halting the building of future nuclear plants and closing the 17 they already have.   So why are they demonstrating?  It is to urge Ms Merkel to close them more quickly.

Here, in this country, we hear NPR urging the “safe continuance” of building ever more nuclear stations AND the fraqing natural gas drilling.  We are being screwed in every orifice the GOP can find.  What the hell has happened to Americans?  We are acting like the Germans of 1939—quietly goose-stepping right off the cliff.