This is my paper for The Center of Process Studies’ conference, Money-Creation in a Finite World (free and open to the public, April 10-12, 2012; Claremont Colleges, CA):

Money and credit as public services for full-employment, optimal infrastructure, ending debt slavery:Epic proponents, related history of US government and corporate media, partnership for Occupy victory

It’s divided into these 11 parts for articles (links added with each new section):

Monetary and credit reform: full-employment, end of debt slavery

Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson on monetary reform

President Andrew Jackson, Peter Cooper on monetary reform

NYC Mayor John Hylan, House Banking Committee Chairs on monetary reform

Benjamin Franklin, William Jennings Bryan on monetary reform

Charles Lindbergh Sr., 86% of Great Depression economists on monetary reform

What should the average citizen know about US War Crimes?

What should the average citizen know about US war history?

What is the leverage point for Occupy’s victory?

What does monetary and credit freedom look like?

My personal history of the 1% choosing to kill a million children each month


Monetary and credit reform is a policy objective to end transfer of trillions of the “99%’’’s wealth to an oligarchic “1%.” The US banking collusion only and always co-exists within a larger oligarchy with government for legal protection, and media for public propaganda. This paper presents histories in monetary reform and US government crimes in war suppressed by today’s US corporate media’s history texts and news journalism. When the oligarchy’s voice is professionally exposed as obviously and egregiously lying in omission and commission in claims of central importance of the past and present, government and corporate media loses credibility in an “emperor has no clothes” transformation. Refutation of the oligarchy’s voice with objective and independently verifiable facts, especially in light of current War Crimes and Constitutional destruction, supports our policy goal for monetary and credit reform because the public will seek alternative voices to build a brighter future. To support our goal of upgraded economic policies, we should be open to synergy with ecological and resource-based economic models, and network with Occupy.


What should the average citizen know about US history that proves crimes of US government and corporate media?

“The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.”  President Harry Truman, Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman (1974) by Merle Miller, pg. 26.

As far as I can tell, the easiest place to start in US history where government violated a crystal-clear treaty to attack and invade another country for control of land and profit is the 1846 war on Mexico. [42] Abraham Lincoln, as a freshman member of Congress and in his powerfully concise prose, proved beyond any reasonable doubt that US President Polk was a war-mongering liar.

US corporate media lies in omission and commission to this day in their history texts and news reporting to cleanse past crimes of war from the 99%’s understanding. The facts of an active treaty, that the US Constitution states a treaty is the US’ “supreme law,” that the US obviously violated the treaty, that Abraham Lincoln laid-out the facts in stunning clarity, and that government and media lie to simply call this a “border dispute” is stunning and damning evidence of a long criminal history of US government supported by media propaganda.

This historical brief of major US government criminal acts of war and media cover-up is helpful to monetary and credit reform because:

  • It establishes US government policies over 160 years with media’s cover-up to criminally steal assets worth trillions of dollars in current value.
  • It establishes that deaths of millions and the 99%’s costs of trillions are inconsequential to their policy choices of war that greatly profit an oligarchy of insiders.
  • These facts of history are recognizable to the 99% and more easily verified. The pulling back of the “wizard’s curtain” (thank you, Ellen Brown) in any given area might greatly accelerate learning and support for monetary and credit reform.

The result of this connection between monetary/credit reform and government/media lies of over 160 years is it makes the “polished speaking” of the Federal Reserve and their political pimps [43] easier to recognize as a “polished criminal con.”

“It’s closer to the truth to see politicians as pimps who force ordinary men and women to pony up freedoms and assets for the benefit of clients we call ‘special-interest groups.’

… Yet Americans continue to imagine that the typical representative or senator is an upstanding citizen, a human being worthy of being feted and listened to as if he or she possesses some unusually high moral or intellectual stature.”  - Donald J. Boudreaux, Chairperson of George Mason University’s Economics Department (ranked 8th in the world for political economy by

The brief I wrote, Occupy This: US History exposes the 1%’s crimes then and now (6 parts, and with all footnotes), takes about two hours to read. It reveals the following familiar current and past history were as honest as stating the Federal Reserve system is the admirable and historic victory of honest public service under law and the American ideal of unalienable rights.

Here’re the “top ten” historical topics; each with a brief excerpt to reveal the historic 1%’s character (briefer excerpts than monetary reform history):

1. The US regularly violated treaties with Native Americans, as well as manipulating their meaning for the purpose of stealing their land: In US Foreign Policy, the US removed Native Americans from treatied lands [36] on multiple occasions. When Native Americans argued for their treatied rights and won in the Supreme Court Case Worcester v. Georgia [37] in 1832, US President Andrew Jackson refused the decision. The resultant forced military removals in the “Trail of Tears” [38] killed  ~4,000; most from  the forced march during winter without provision of adequate supplies to prevent death by freezing. The legal classification of this act is murder. Because both political parties and most media supported the removal, this treaty violation and mass-murder was possible.

2. US President Polk lied to Congress to initiate a War of Aggression in Mexico. The result was the US taking 40% of Mexico in 1848. This occurred despite Abraham Lincoln’s crystal-clear explanation as a member of Congress that the Adams-Onís Treaty placed the “border dispute” 400 miles within land forever promised to Mexico and forever promised as outside any US claim: The US invaded Mexico in 1846 despite it being a clear treaty violation and upon clear lies of US President Polk: “American blood shed upon the American soil.” [41] The result of the war was the US taking 40% of Mexico’s land. Although historians note that freshman member of Congress Abraham Lincoln was/is correct that the president lied and violated a treaty with criminal complicity of Congress, both parties’ and media propaganda allowed the war to move forward without criminal prosecution. The House of Representatives had enough votes to censure the president for, “a war unnecessarily and unconstitutionally begun by the President of the United States,” [42] but not to impeach.

3. The US violated our treaty with Hawaii and stole their country in 1898: The US overthrew the Hawaiian government in 1893 [43] and then annexed the territory against Hawaiian will in 1898. This was in clear violation of treaty, admitted as an unlawful war by US President Cleveland in 1893, and that the “provisional government” created by US oligarchs was both wrong and racist…Because Congress had the votes and approval of President McKinley in 1898, the US annexed Hawaii. One hundred years later, the US Congress and President Clinton passed Public Law 103-150 in full admittance that the US unlawfully overthrew Hawaii’s government. What was missing, of course, is the basis of democratic institutions: full communication of this admission to Hawaiians for their consideration and vote whether they prefer to remain within the US, or once again be an independent nation.

4. The US reneged on promises of freedom after the Spanish American War to impose our rule on the Philippines and install US-friendly dictators in Cuba: The US unilaterally claimed sovereign military authority [45] in the Philippines after the Spanish-American War in 1898. Philippine leadership claimed the US promised independence on multiple occasions and reneged.Emilio Aguinaldo, [46] the Philippine’s first president and leader of their revolution against Spanish imperialism…

Philippine requests for political independence were refused by the US, or any vote of the people to discover their will of who should govern. The resultant War for Independence caused civilian deaths ranging from 250,000 to 1.5 million, and over 4,000 American military deaths. This US foreign policy choice against democracy and freedom provoked Mark Twain’s razor-sharp literary attention: [47]

… The US kept the Philippines as their imperial colony until after WW2.

The history after “independence” is poignantly understood with US military and economic support of dictator Ferdinand Marcos from 1965 to 1986. The World Bank estimates that Marcos embezzled up to $5 billion from this relationship. [48] Marcos’ dictatorship included the usual elements of a police state, corruption, assassinations of political enemies, and poverty for the majority of the public. George Washington University now archives confirming US government documentation of their support of this vicious government. [49]

The US also reneged on documented promise in the Teller Amendment for Cuban independence after the Spanish-American War… The pattern of early 20th Century US military invasions of developing countries for the economic benefits of controlling resources and profits of US corporations was explained in the testimony of the most decorated general in US Marine Corps history, Smedley Butler. Congress later invested the most damning of his charges and found them factually accurate: [52]

5. The US entered WW1 upon no national security threat to the US and put the 3rd party presidential candidate in prison for public speeches questioning the war: Let’s apply critical thinking to the facts of the German offer and the American response for war. The Zimmermann telegram’s offer was only active if the US declared war on Germany first, and Mexico rejected the offer. The German submarines were not attacking US territory, only private ships that chose to do business with Britain in a declared war zone, one that was already enforced by the British to prevent trade with Germany. If merchants from any nation wanted to avoid the risk of being attacked by a German submarine, that was as easy as staying away from Great Britain.

Therefore, there was no national security threat from Germany to the US. The actual threat, if any, was from British spying on secret US communications.

US political leadership didn’t present those facts, but instead promised a “war to end all wars,” and “a war to make the world safe for democracy.” The US declared war and a national draft.

6. The CIA had several covert wars; perhaps most important in today’s context of war on Iran: “Operation Ajax” that overthrew Iran’s democracy and installed a US-friendly and brutal dictator.  When that dictator was overthrown and Iran refused another, the US aided Iraq to unlawfully invade and attack Iran from 1980-1988; killing up to a million Iranians. If the US lied and acted twice to unlawfully overthrew Iran’s democracy within our own lifetimes, waged war on Iran for 35 consecutive years, shouldn’t we assume first another lie-started unlawful war today? Upon confirmation of the lies shouldn’t we arrest the US War Criminals rather than allow them to kill again?
US government made war opposition illegal, despite crystal-clear language in the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution to “make no law abridging the freedom of speech.” The US government arrested and indicted Eugene Debs, the Socialist Party presidential candidate, for this speech that questioned US motivation for war (4-minute video reading and full text)…Other disclosed unlawful and violent interventions include Guatemala in 1954, Cuba with the Bay of Pigs in 1961, South Vietnam in 1963 [56], Chile in 1970, and Panama in 1989. [57] Many college courses cover this material in depth, as do many history books. [58]

One US policy, Operation Northwoods [59] of 1962 that was approved by the US Military Joint Chiefs of Staff, included provisions for the US military to kill Americans in a false-flag operation to create public support for an invasion of Cuba. “False flag” [60] means a covert operation, usually to organize an attack on one’s own country, and then blame another country in order to sell a “defensive war” to the public. Operation Northwoods was declassified and released from the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board in 1997. [61] Since the Cold War, dozens of so-called “conspiracy theories” have been revealed as conspiracy facts and entered into conservative history, including many covert CIA actions. [62] President Johnson stated in an interview just before his death, “We were running a damned murder incorporated.” [63]

7. The Vietnam War occurred after the US allowed the cancellation of an election to unify the country, as escalated with the Gulf of Tonkin incident: false intelligence at best, but then manipulated into a false-flag event for a “defensive” war:

After the “War to make the World Safe for Democracy,” Ho Chi Minh’s petition for a democratic Vietnam was denied by the victors of WW1. Vietnam remained under France’s dictatorship for economic and political colonial domination. The US supported Minh during WW2 in his guerilla warfare against Japan, only to deny his petition for Vietnam’s independence at the end of the war. The US paid for up to 80% of France’s military costs to keep Vietnam enslaved by the French. The US supported the cancellation of an ELECTION in Vietnam when it became clear that Minh’s socialistic economic plan was more popular than a Western-friendly leader. The Vietnam War exploded with SecDef McNamara’s contrived reporting of the Gulf of Tonkin incident; [66] manipulated intelligence at best [67] in first light, but then manipulated into an outright false-flag attack. The war escalated with unlawful invasions and attacks in Laos and Cambodia, dropping more bombs than from all sides of WW2 combined on a country smaller than California that killed perhaps 10% of their civilian population, ~3.5 million. The government’s stated goal at the time was to “defeat terrorism”, excuse me, “defeat communism” by winning the hearts and minds of civilians while we killed over 1,000 civilian children, women and the elderly daily through high-altitude bombing. The war killed 58,000 Americans, and only ended through massive US demonstrations.

Let’s pause a moment and let these facts penetrate: the US government now admits that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that launched the Vietnam War was a contrived false-flag operation to manipulate public opinion for war. This conclusion seems irrefutable from the documentation, released phone conversations of President Johnson making that admission, and multiple public statements from SecDef McNamara, including the 2003 Academy Award-winning Feature Documentary, The Fog of War. [68]

Does this mean exactly what it seems: that US leadership in the office of the president and Congress willfully lied about “self-defense” to begin a war, continued lying as long as they could to continue that war, and now lie by omission to not remind Americans about this history in light of current US wars?

8. Perhaps most disturbing is the King Family civil suit that found the US government guilty in the assassination of Dr. King. Corporate media, including our text publishers, omit this history. The King family’s conclusion is that Martin was assassinated to prevent his “Occupy DC” plan beginning for the sumer of 1968 to end his version of today’s wars:

The overwhelming evidence of government complicity introduced and agreed as comprehensively valid by the jury includes the 111th Military Intelligence Group were sent to Dr. King’s location, and that the usual police protection was pulled away just before the assassination. Military Intelligence set-up photographers on a roof of a fire station with a clear view to Dr. King’s balcony. 20th Special Forces Group had an 8-man sniper team at the assassination location on that day. Memphis police ordered the scene where multiple witnesses reported as the source of shooting cut down of their bushes that would have hid a sniper team. Along with sanitizing a crime scene, police abandoned investigative procedure to interview witnesses who lived by the scene of the shooting.

The King family believes the government’s motivation to murder Dr. King was to prevent his imminent camp-in at Washington, D.C. until the Vietnam War was ended and those resources directed to end poverty and invest in US hard and soft infrastructure.

Please watch this six-minute video of the evidence from the trial, [73] and this eight-minute video [74] on the FBI’s disclosures of covert operations against Dr. King, including confirmation from his closest friends and advisors.

9. We now know from Congressional reports that all “reasons” for war with Iraq were known to be false as they were told. [44]

10. The two “reasons” for war with Iran are as false as the “reasons” for war with Iraq. Beware a false flag attack by the US or Israel to blame on Iran as pretext for another “defensive” war:

Additional resources to prevent another unlawful US War of Aggression on Iran:

US overthrew Iran’s democracy 1953-1979, helped Iraq invade 1980-1988, now lies for more war (and an analogy if the US were the victim of empire)

US constantly violates war law: arrest Obama before ‘false flag’ war on Iran


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