Of course, cheating on your wife is bad, especially when you skip Father’s Day with your family to go see your mistress. Although we’ve been hearing about this regularly for the last couple of weeks, the “news” media did not mention the action that Republican Governor Mark Sanford took to deprive every voter in South Carolina of one of their rights to control their government.

Naturally, those of us who are aware of the mainstream “news” media cartel’s censorship of certain information will probably not be surprised that they failed to mention this, it even disappeared from comments left on MSM “news” web sites. However, you may be surprised that this has not been covered by some of the blogs that focus on elections. If you follow some of those you may be in for a surprise although it was reported by others, so if you follow this issue, you may have wondered why you saw it on some blogs, but not others. I’ll leave that for my expose’ of the controlled opposition.

So, what did Governor Mark Sanford do to deprive South Carolina’s voters of their rights to control their government? He presided over the implementation of secret vote counting in South Carolina.

You will not hear about this from the MSM “news” outlets because mentioning that votes are counted in secret is taboo, so much so that these “news” outlets barely mentioned that the votes were not counted publicly in the recent “election” in Iran. You won’t hear about this from the controlled election “reform” blogs either because although they have to acknowledge that computers count votes in secret, they want to pretend that secret vote counting does not violate any Constitutional provision or right.

If you want to know why secret vote counting is specifically prohibited in South Carolina and the laughable lengths that the MSM “news” and even PBS went to in order to ignore this issue, see South Carolina Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!?! at http://www.opednews.com/articles/genera_mark_a___080114_south_carolina_elect.htm

By the way, it’s only 4 pages of text with 6 pages of links if you want more supporting information. If you read the comments, you’ll get to see some shills at work and you’ll get to see me spank them. I hope that you enjoy learning about this hidden scandal, and for the shills out there, let’s dance.

Also, stay tuned for my follow up articles on this. I’ll let you know whether anyone took action and about a line of U.S. Supreme Court cases which hold that secret vote counting is unconstitutional.

Please note that www.votecount2008.org mentioned in the article linked above was changed to http://www.projectvotecount.com/.

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