Please Join us this powerful and liberating episode.

This episode we will be paying particular focus on the horrific tragedy that recently occurred in the Tucson area of Arizona. Our sincere thoughts and condolences go out to the victims of the senseless terrorist act in Tuscon Arizona. Amid the media attention following that act of senseless violence Your World News could not help but question what would be the response to such an act if the assailant was Muslim and/or of color. Would there be the same kind of generalized demonization we systematically have seen when alleged criminals have been non-white and/or non-Christian? Immediately following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 the first reports from major corporate newspapers placed the face of the crime as a brown skinned Muslim man. Not too long after, we found out that it was a radical white-nationalistic Christian man. We will honestly delve in to these issues and so much more as we give our critical analysis on myriad current events and social issues—from a perspective never to be found within the comedic corporate media.

We were also joined by Chawn Kweli, The Chairman for the New Black Panther Party. He broke down the misconceptions surrounding his organization. These misconceptions have been methodically placed out there by the corporate media and various members of the United States Congress.

Oh—and as always we will be playing some great resistance oriented and thought provoking Hip Hop Music.

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