Rick Scott has implemented his own business plan in Florida. He believes that, since he was a CEO, states should be run the same way a business is run. In doing so, he believes that he knows best how to run the state of Florida and has proceeded in ignoring most of its voters.

in the high tradition of the 2010 GOP, Republican supermajorities in Florida passed laws banning abortion coverage in private health insurance plans, baggy pants, bath salts, bestiality, and firearm regulation by local governments. They also tried to pass a measure requiring the Division of Recreation and Parks to hire Jack Nicklaus Design to build golf courses in every state park in Florida and create the Jack Nicklaus Golf Trail. Fortunately, that one failed, but the voter suppression bill passed, ensuring that working voters, students and those voters most likely to vote Democrat won’t have as much of an opportunity to do so.

Despite end-of-session wrangling over an Arizona-style illegal immigration measure (opposed by corporate interests), and internecine fighting over who owns the power base and how much should be done behind the scenes, Scott and his merry band of Republicans still did plenty of damage. They cut school funding by $542 per student, changed how teachers are compensated, and yet still managed to create a statewide boarding school to be run by a private non-profit for at-risk students.

Besides denying the citizens of Florida of the high speed rail that they all want and need, Governor Scott has instituted drug screenings for state employees that report directly to his office. There are, of course, exceptions.

Scott’s order does not cover independent constitutional agencies and those of Cabinet members or that he jointly administers with the Cabinet. It also does not cover the Legislature or court system.

All of this is unconstitutional. It’s just a matter of time before someone challenges the drug tests.


He has also interfered with voter rights.

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed a controversial overhaul of the election laws that Republicans say is needed to prevent voter fraud and Democrats call a cynical act of partisanship to improve GOP chances in Florida next year.

Scott signed the bill without comment. Critics of the legislation assailed him for endorsing “voter suppression” tactics aimed at making it tougher for President Barack Obama to capture Florida’s prized 29 electoral votes in 2012.

This all comes from a man who denies any involvement to a company that he helped create by transferring his shares to his wife. Then sells those shares two weeks later for a tidy profit. This is also the company that does walk-in drug testing. I’m sure there is no conflicts of interest there. I feel sorry for all the nice folks in Florida who have to live with this idiot and his policies.

This is not the way to run a state. The business model demands that shareholders see a profit and growth. These are not the goals of a state. A business and a state have different roles in society and should not be mixed as if they are the same. As Governor Scott and many other politicians continue to try to run a state as a business and not a state, we will continue to see more states falter and more people suffer as a result.