Hello everyone, I hope to provide you with a fix of interesting material from all over the world. As we end a long political campaign and head to the direction of much needed change, the wing nuts and talking heads are re-grouping as we speak. It’s my goal to provide you with the facts and opinion that get you thinking. Stay with us as we grow and become are own niche in the blog market. My posts will be everything from a light hearted discussion, to a much needed rant. Hopefully it will be entertaining and useful and we can make our way to your Bookmark. And all of us will be covering the stuff you didn’t see on the local news or read in the paper. Our bloggers will dig deep and hold nothing back, so stay tuned.

I leave you with a favorite video of mine. Kevin James having his ass handed to him. Obviously not a big fan of history.

Thanks again for checking us out!

Matt Armstrong