When one thinks about the Washington Post these days they hardly think about Watergate and the Post’s alleged ‘glorious’ role in this poorly reported saga.  No, now one thinks of dictatorial control by the son of the Graham family, Donald Graham, alleged insider trading, millions spent on lobbying to thwart sensible regulations to control the predatory practices of Kaplan University, the blood bank for the decrepit paper.  One can also think about the failure to report on for-profit colleges and the notorious Kaplan that is the source of GAO investigations, recruiting violations, False Claim suits, DA investigations and exploitation of working people, mostly minority and poor.

Well, the Post is ‘back in the news’.  Forrest Wilder, reporter for the Observer begins his new revelation about insidious ‘faux reporting’ at the Post this way:

“In February, Daniel de Vise, a reporter for the Washington Post, arrived at the University of Texas at Austin campus to work on a story about a controversial standardized test sweeping the nation’s colleges and universities. The test purports to determine how much students have learned in college, part of a movement to bring No Child Left Behind-style accountability testing to higher education. University officials were nervous about what the story would say about the politically sensitive topic. Before he landed in Austin, de Vise emailed UT’s director of communications to reassure him that the article was “NOT meant to be any sort of hit piece, more of a thought-provoker” (http://www.texasobserver.org/cover-story/washington-post-reporter-allows-college-officials-to-alter-story-on-controversial-test).

You can read more about how the Post mirrors the practices of Ruppert Murdoch’s outfit in tailoring and censoring stories for the benefit of their ‘customers’.

This is not journalism; it is not even propaganda it is simply manfuctured reality in the interest of power and profit.