It’s like a nightmare in a Fascist country. The Republican dominated House in South Dakota is attempting to pass a bill (House Bill 1171) that would expand “Justifiable homicide” to include murders of people that are intended to stop harm to a fetus. This could make it legal in South Dakota to kill doctors who perform abortions.

If the bill gets passed, relatives of a woman who had an abortion medical procedure, in theory, could kill the doctor, even if the woman wanted an abortion. These concepts are not abstract. Kate Sheppard writes that since 1993 anti-abortion extremists have assassinated eight doctors, and another 17 physicians have survived assassination attempts. The assassins have been trying to use justifiable homicide as a legal defense after the shootings. Conservatives have tried to legally ban abortion twice in the 2,000s. Voters by wide margins rejected both these attempts. There have been on going attempts to try to change the bill to make statements that HB 1171 does not include abortion providers as legal targets.

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“South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing of Abortion Providers” Kate Sheppard, in Mother Jones, February, 15th, 2011,

Worldcan’ tells us that there have been more assaults on the right to abortion during the Barrack Obama administration than there were under the George W. Bush Presidency. Both parties have attempted to restrict women’s core rights to control their reproduction by restricting access to abortion. The rulers, both Republican and Democratic, have been taking active steps to bring down women’s political and social status through these aggressive attacks on abortion rights. There have been recent right wing attempts to shut down Planned Parenthood: anti-abortion foes posing as a pimp and an under aged prostitute try to trick family planners, and then expose the counseling session in a rearranged and manipulated video. There are anti-abortion bills being debated right now that would defund Planned Parenthood. As a result of proposed legislation, anti-choice doctors who are acting on their “consciences” against terminating a pregnancy could refuse women treatment when they enter an emergency room with life threatening symptoms concerning their pregnancies. Women could die as a result. Republicans are trying to redefine rape - restricting most abortion coverage to only “forcible rape” and not statutory rape, and disallowing abortions even if a women’s life is in danger. In South Dakota laws are being designed to subject women seeking an abortion to a what is described by World Can’t Wait as a “shaming ritual” where enemies of abortion man “crisis pregnancy centers.” They would give women baby blankets and spew unscientific religious lies concerning the medical procedure of abortion. These centers would not actually provide healthcare, their purpose would be to deter abortions and pregnant women would be required to go to them for advice.

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Virulent New Wave of Anti-women, Anti-abortion Attacks” by Lina Thorne, on the World Can’t Wait website, February 9th, 2011

The problem is not the “right to life” of a fetus, which cannot live outside a woman’s body and is part of a woman’s body. The problem is enforced motherhood, where the State is demanding women bear children against their will. If you can’t control your own reproduction, or have say over your own body, then how different is that from slavery?  Denying women a fundamental right is a way to control women. There must be a ground swell of resistance to these attacks so that women can flourish and not be kept down by unscientific outlooks and the chains of tradition. It’s a fundamental right to have a choice. Some of the rulers of this country, and their extremist vigilantes are setting their gun sights on abortion providers. What kind of world do we want to fight for? Where medical people and women live in fear, or where people can hold up their heads high?

Abortion on demand without apology!