“At its best, the theory of critical literacy needs to develop pedagogical practices in which the battle to make sense of one’s life reaffirms and furthers the need for teachers and students to recover their own voices so they retell their own histories and in so doing “check and criticize the history they are told against the one they have lived” (Giroux in Freire and Macedo, 1987, page 15).
The theory of critical literacy put forth by Paulo Freire has been embraced by the oppressed world wide.  This is why the works of Dr. Dahn Shulis from Camden County College in New Jersey is so important.  Dahn is using the despicable operations of the ‘outfits’ known as for-profit colleges to help students find their own voices and critique the voices of the oppressors.
With $665 million (90% of it your tax money) spent on media ads and propaganda, the for-profit colleges indeed have their story to tell:  they ruminate as to how they help the disabled, the veterans, the poor, the young, lower class youth, minorities and those who are told by the system of mendacity we know as capitalism that they must have a ‘degree’ even if it is flipped in one of the for-profit fast diploma mills.  They appeal to emotion with sophistic rhetoric which they pay for from ad agents and those who work with the smarmy businesses.
Wall St. is their boss and so one can hardly expect them to be critical of their own criminal behavior.  Repenting is not the business of the for-profits: gaming the system and leaving students in the streets, ready to occupy their roles as the New Fagins, the for-profit prison population, drug addicts, sex traffickers and basically ‘disposable’ youth without a present or a future.
Using the narratives of the oppressors side by side with narratives of students is essential for critical thinking and literacy.
The following was sent to me by Dr.Dahn Shaulis who works at Camden County College in New Jersey teaching sociology.
Here is a response from one of my online SOC 101 students about our the last article (he is referencing Dailycensored coverage).  I have asked her for permission to print this, and I’ll let you know what she says. The bold lettering is mine. I think her feedback tells me that each article needs to be somewhat redundant, giving a brief overview (e.g. GAO report, Harkin Commission, lawsuits), so that anyone just learning about this issue has an idea of what’s going on.
This article was extremely interesting to me. There is so much information in this article that I read it a couple of times to fully understand its concepts and ideas. I loved that it was all about educating people about for-profit schools and how terrible they are at picking apart at people they know will cave into their madness. I was very intrigued at the first part about distance learning courses and all the different types of students there are solely based off of their actions.
Taking online courses, I’ve come to the conclusion that you have to put more time and effort into them than a class where you actually have face to face interaction with others. In the distance learning world, however, you only have typed words to go off of. It is hard to learn just by reading and not interacting with others, so organization is definitely key when taking distance learning courses. I completely agree with the author when he makes that statement. I also liked how he pointed out the gamers, how true it is that they get the higher grades for beating out the system and letting the other students doing all the work and then just fixing it in a way that will make themselves look a little better. It’s also true that what they do to beat the system in college in gonna be the same as what they do in real life and the work environment.
Further down the article, the author talks about how he was once employed at UoP and lets you in on the real deal and how they basically had a script on who to choose for recruitment and how to get them to cave. He lets you in on all the details of how for-profit schools rip you off, and I absolutely love it because more people need to know what they are getting themselves into before it’s too late! Everyone should read this article. For-profit schools manipulate you know matter how much it takes! They make sure they have schedules that work right for you, and that they “educated” you on why it is so important to return back to school. ”We go after the mentally ill, the ones who can’t read, don’t ask questions, and are use to going through social services to get something other than its intended purpose. ” This sentence really got to me. This is the most horrible thing I have ever heard of. How can you find in your heart to take money away from people who don’t understand what it is that you are doing to them? It just breaks my heart to know that money is more valuable to people in life more then respect, love, honesty, and loyalty. The author was completely right about the entire “Greed” title. That’s all that these for-profit schools are about, they are greedy, needy people who get money off scamming people.
On another note, I find it very disturbing in this article about the mansion that is for sale for about four times the amount it was bought for. It is disturbing to me because this couple didn’t even pay for this mansion with their own money! They paid with the money of the people they were practically stealing and scamming out of money. How could they possible sleep at night?! These tax payers and graduated students aren’t paying their loans for a degree they obtained like they think, they are paying for this couple of TWO to live in a nine bedroom mansion. That just sounds greedy and like a miserable life, why could two people possibly need nine bedrooms?
Lastly, I really enjoyed that you were part of this article. It made me feel proud to know that my professor is so passionate about what he does, and is here to help out. I think it is something to really reflect on. Professors have heart for their students and a passion for them to really take a life lesson out of their course. It is awesome to see that even while you aren’t teaching, you are still trying to get these for-profit schools heard about and are educating and making people hear you. It is very inspiring. After seeing your name and thoughts in this article, I found it very inspiring, and realized that you really should never give up on something you are passionate about. Even if it’s only one person that hears you, or even pays you any mind, that’s one more person that knows and one more person who will not get ripped off for their education which won’t even impress businesses when you start job hunting anyway.
Again, I really enjoyed this article a lot and felt that I learn a lot of information while reading it, and not just about for-profit schools. Thank you for sharing the article. I hope you continue to get the word out and I am definitely going to do much more research on these for-profit schools so I can educate and help as many people as I can, before it’s too late.