An Inter Press Service story over last weekend illustrated the degree of bias in US coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The report claimed, “In addition to disproportionate official representation, the grave disparity in casualties between the two sides was usually played down or not mentioned at all by newscasters. Nearly 1,300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed in the conflict, which ended tentatively with separate ceasefires on Jan. 18.” Also, not even the allegedly liberal NPR in the US mentioned the over 300 Palestinian children. The Obama administration recently pledged $20.3 million for Gaza, but according to the UN, there is already a backlog of aid that is not being let into Gaza. There is little comparison by the US corporate media that the US gives Israel over $3 billion in aid and military equipment every year, much being used against the Palestinians in Gaza. Read the story at the IPS link above.