the criminal Isaias brothers


For many years the Ecuadorian courts has been asking the U.S. for the extradition of Roberto and William Isaiah Dassum brothers , former owners of Filanbanco , who fled the country of Ecuador after being executors and beneficiaries of a major financial and banking collapse of 1999, which brought impoverishment and to ruin to millions of Ecuadorians.  They were convicted in ausencia for embezzlement and bank larceny.  That is why they fled to Florida.

The U.S. response to calls for their return to Ecuador to face their crimes has been negative on three occasions. And in Ecuador, growing suspicion that these shady characters in the Sunshine state were protected by the American political system and its coin-operated politicians of both parties, which has not only given them shelter, but also allowed them to remain bankers in the country , despite the fact they are fugitives from the law – bank robbers and life destroyers, is rife.

Criminal politicians and sanctuary for terrorists

The story is now unfolding faster than ever.  Alberto Padilla, the famous journalist who until recently ran the program ‘ Ecofin ‘, in CNN in Spanish, has denounced, at his Facebook page, some of the secret mechanisms that the Isaias have used in the US to avoid extradition and seek asylum using hard cash and questionable political ties.

The first case, the use of ‘dirty money’ in Ecuador to wangle friends and influence those in power in America is amazing. This dirty money is the money stole by the brothers from the Ecuadorian people.  This money was depositor monies and I have written about this scandal at Dailycensored (

To summarize:

“The Ecuadorian bank, Filanbanco’s failure helped cause the 1999 banking crisis in this tiny country.  It is estimated that the brothers, William and Roberto Isaias Dassum, owe the Ecuadorian treasury a whopping $661 million which they allegedly embezzled from the bank.  Armando Bermeo, then head of the Supreme Court, accused the Isaias brothers of the crime of bank embezzlement and forgery in the arbitrary handling of depositors’ money, as well as several credits granted by the Central Bank Filanbanco through a government bailout. The allegation was finally etched in fact as the Isaias were accused and then convicted of hiding the Filanbanco’s financial problems from Ecuadorian regulators.  They also were judged to have embezzled $158 million.

In fact, the ex-US ambassador from Ecuador, Kristie Kenney, in one of the many cables leaked to WikiLeaks, warned her country (the US) that the Isaias were criminal defendants in the management of Filanbanco, which they directed from the city of Coral Gables (Florida) and from which they administered their economic empire. She indicated that some of the properties they owned were not even in their names.

The brothers fled Ecuador in 2000, going of course to Florida, a hot bed of right wing extremism and there they began teaming their money in Miami with other shady institutions and individuals. The brothers were convicted by an Ecuadorian court in absentia in 2003. According to Ecuadorian authorities, the Isaias’ booty was and is stashed in U.S. banks, mostly in Miami, as well as in banks in other countries” (

Now we find through Padilla’s excellent reporting that the Isaias made ​​contributions to fund staff  and buy political leverage, such as I wrote about in the unfolding case of New Jersey Senator, Robert Menendez, a Cuban-American (the corporate press likes to refer to the ‘Cuban American Community’ or the ‘Cuban Exile Community’, when, as we will see these are sophistic attempts to cover up the fact that many of these ‘Cuban Americans’ are ‘anti-Castro-Cubans’ with a long history of assassinations, robberies, murder, drug trafficking and money laundering.  We will cover this later in the article).


Senator, Robert Menendez surely is a virulent anti-Castro Cuban who is currently chairman of a powerful government committee and that has attacked the government of Rafael Correa and has sabotaged the extension of Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act (ATPDEA), which was eventually rejected by Ecuador.

Yet now we find that Representative Menendez is in trouble today.  As the article I referenced notes, Menendez is currently under federal probe.  But don’t let the fact that the FBI is investigating Menendez fool you.  These slick, well paid for politicians also work the levers of government and this includes agencies such as the FBI and CIA which seem objective in the minds of Americans, but which in fact have been involved in major cover-ups and scandalous behavior over the years (

Republican Congressman Ros-Lehtinen of Florida implicated in pay for play to protect and seek asylum for criminal banksters Isaias


According to the, Republican Congressman Ros-Lehtinen of Florida made ​​efforts on behalf of the Isais when she was president of the powerful Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives.  In March 2011, Ros- Lehtinen sent a letter to Secretary of State for Latin America, Arturo Valenzuela, in which he described the Isaiah as ‘political refugees from the Ecuadorian government ‘ ((

But favors by smarmy politicians done for the wealthy criminal class come at a cost.  Yet in this case the cost is so minimal it is astounding.

According to the Dailybeast:

“But Menendez wasn’t the only member of Congress that the Isaias clan called upon. Those same Isaias family members donated at least $23,700 to Ros-Lehtinen in the 2010, 2012, and 2014 cycles, according to federal campaign contribution records. The Isaias brothers live in Coral Gables, which falls inside Ros-Lehtinen’s district.

In March, 2011, Ros-Lehtinen wrote a letter to Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Arturo Valenzuela on behalf of the Isaias brothers, whom Ros-Lehtinen said “believe they are being politically and economically persecuted by the Government of Ecuador” (ibid).

Sounds like chump change compared with the millions the Isaias stole.  Yet again, a year later the Congresswoman did the same, but this time she directed her letter to the then secretary of the Department of State, Hillary Clinton, on behalf of Stephanie Isaiah, who was denied a work visa for non-residents.

A former employee for Stephanie Isaias was Alfredo Balsera.   He was induced to donate another $ 1,000 to the campaign of Republican (ibid).

Ros- Lehtinen is a rising star in the Republican Party.  Just two weeks ago was she was the Congresswoman responsible for answering the annual accountability made ​​by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address (

The Congresswoman spoke Spanish primetime and across the United States in an attempt to bring her party to the Hispanic community and women.  But she never mentioned that she was being paid by taxpayers to lobby on behalf of convicted bank robber and embezzlers who donated heavily to her campaign for re-election.  Nor did she mention that she was part and parcel of a more general attack on the Ecuadorian government headed by Rafael Correa.

So, now we have two members of the ‘exile Cuban community’ who happen to be powerful politicians in the US lobbying on behalf of convicted bank robbers and embezzlers.  As we will see, it is no coincidence that both corporate democrats and republicans that claim allegiance to the anti-Castro Cuban community would be lobbying on behalf of convicted fugitives from law.

And the fact they engage in ‘pay to play’ comes as no surprise.  These are corrupt enemies of the American people who, had it not been for the support of both the anti-Castro criminal community and notables like Jeb Bush, would never have been able to become politicians.  As we will see, Florida is home to some of the most murderous criminals from justice in the world.

 CNN Latino bites the dust

In other news related directly to the Isaias brothers we see that the Isaiah also purchased several major U.S. TV channels through which they partnered with CNN in Spanish, creating CNN Latino string. (And according to Univision , they also own their own porn channel).

The Isaias brothers have shares in CNN Latino, which ran 8 hours of programming aired on local channels open in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Orlando and Miami, directly with other networks such as Univision and Telemundo competition.  That is before its recent closure.

The latest news is that CNN announced the closure of its subsidiary CNN Latino in America for failing ‘ business expectations ‘.  The decision to shut the operation down, according to these sources, “has nothing to do with the audience nor the quality of programming ‘, since the programs reached ‘ strong ratings in certain markets” (  Right, just like the corrupt politicians who resign to ‘spend more time with their families’.

However, the fact is the channel closes days after the ex-reporter for the CNN in Spanish, Alberto Padilla, revealed the nexus of that channel and the Isaias brothers, which would upset the major international chain.

Is this closure of CNN Latino a coincidence or the result of a revelation by the journalist CNN Alberto Padilla, specializing in economic issues regarding the Isaias brothers?  Padilla documented that what appeared on CNN Latino News, especially when it came to Ecuador, was rigged news.  It smacked of the Jessica Lynch news stories emanated during the Iraqi war, which was sensational, false and used to advocate for the illegal war.

As Padilla noted, by using their vast media resources, and with the help of the influential public relations agency Newling Group, the Isaias have implemented a propaganda media campaign against the Government of Ecuador. They have used their media holdings to stage rigged interviews on CNN and funded actions and publications opposing Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa.  Graphically it is now understood that the ‘carrier ‘ of the right wing opposition in Ecuador was CNN, although some of his interviewers look like objective, neutral and even appeared as critics.  This is no coincidence.

So now CNN Latino has been busted for their allegiance with the Isaias brothers and their false news reporting, finally concluding with CNN shutting their mendacious doors.

One thing that we can see in all of this is how the press works in favor of some private interests and place holders and how private ownership of the media works to the benefit of the criminal class, in this case the Isaiah.

The fugitive banksters have used the money they usurped from the Ecuadorian people to rebuild a reactionary right wing U.S. media, while buying financial protection from influential politicians; in this way they avoid being extradited back to Ecuador.

Corporate-democratic Congressman Menendez and Republican Congressman Ros-Lehtinen of Florida are simply two corrupt politicians who live off the government while aiding and abetting criminals for cash.  They do so, for as we will discuss, because they have an allegiance to right wing reactionary governments and former dictatorships in Latin America.  Their strong ties to anti-Castro Cubans and the politician and monetary largess they have been given has allowed them to secure stature in the US Congress.  Their party affiliations are secondary to their allegiance to notorious Latin American dictators and criminals — in this case the convicted embezzlers and banksters, the Isaias brothers.

Florida State: home of criminal refugees, anti-Castro Cubans and shelter for terrorists


For over 55 years, Florida has been the home for some of the worst terrorists in the world.  A sinister connection between corrupt politicians, criminal refugees, anti-Castro Cubans, the Mafia and terrorists has been documented for years.

See the history of terrorism and terrorists who live in Miami (  This information comes from, Metro Dade County, Organized Crime Bureau (OCB) File on Terrorism

And according to RT News:

“Miami, Florida is home to one of the most infamous international terrorists in the Western Hemisphere; Luis Posada-Carriles.

Coined the ‘Bin Laden of the Americas, the anti-Castro Cuban was the CIA’s dirty secret in South and Central America. Trained as an explosives expert at the notorious School of the Americas, Posada’s acts of terrorism span five decades and impacted half a dozen countries.

Over 70 people were killed when Cubana Airliner 455 was bombed in 1976. A terrorist act Posada planned from Venezuela and according to CIA documents, the agency was aware of before it happened.

Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, the former Venezuelan Ambassador to the US told RT, “Posada Carriles was the mastermind of the Cubana flight and still he is here.”

Posada is labeled a terrorist by a number of groups, including some US agencies, but he is not being tried as a terrorist because he has the political support of both Democrats and Republicans who bend to the Cuban- American population, argued Becker. In addition, the US fears what information may surface in a trial, because Posada operated as a CIA asset at that time” (

Plans to attack Cuba are constantly being hatched in South Florida. Over the years militant exiles have been linked to everything from downing airliners to hit-and-run commando raids on the Cuban coast to hotel bombings in Havana. They’ve killed Cuban diplomats and made numerous attempts on Castro’s life.

They are still allowed to train nearly unimpeded despite making explicit plans to violate the 70-year-old U.S. Neutrality Act and overthrow a sovereign country’s government. Though separate anti-terror laws passed in 1994 and 1996 would seem to apply directly to their activities, no one has ever been charged for anti-Cuban terrorism under those laws (

Orlando Bosch, an anti-Castro terrorist who conspired in the bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976, killing all passengers and crew, lives with impunity in Florida.

And then do not forget the fact that in October of 2009, newly-elected president, George W. Bush (brother of then Governor, Jeb Bush a good friend of the anti-Castro Cubans) pardoned Orlando Bosch (

But the anti-Castro Cubans, tied to George W. Bush and his brother, Jeb Bush (US terrorists) are not the only terrorists living in S. Florida.


Nearly 12 years after 9/11, there are still sticky questions about the individuals and groups behind America’s most deadly terror attack.  And recently, newly-released FBI reports are raising more questions after they seemingly link one Saudi family that once resided in Florida to some of the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attack.

That family is the al-Hijji family, according to the Miami Herald (based on a report by In the past, that family’s head — Abdulaziz al-Hijji — has denied ties to the assailants responsible for the horrific event, but his family’s apparent connections are now emerging in recently-obtained U.S. documentation (


Coddling criminal refugees and terrorists in Florida is a business and political plan and has been so for close to sixty years.  The involvement of Menendez and Ros-Lehtinen in mollycoddling the Isaias brothers for cash is emblematic of the corruption and symbiotic relationship between old and new terrorists and refugees from justice that live in the reactionary state of Florida.

These politicians are part and parcel of the inner circle of terrorists who now find the US a user friendly location for their opulent lives, business plans and criminal behavior.

The Isaias brothers continue to pal around with the likes of Bosch and Luis Posada-Carriles, to name only a handful of terrorists, in the most posh parts of S. Florida.  That US politicians would protect them, attempt to garner political asylum or them, is only half of the story.  More will come out.

This is the American Mafia that continues unabated in tandem with the power of the US ‘state’.

When will people rise up and begin to see that the US is a pasture for coveted criminals?