US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker, told a UK leading paper that leaving after ten years of war shows a lack of US patience, that all the US has accomplished so far is to kill the “slow and stupid ones,” and that killing in Afghanistan is important because somehow Afghanistan is a special place where terrorists would plan another 9/11 if the US stopped killing.

Please confirm Mr. Crocker’s assertions for yourself.

The basic intelligence test for the 99% is to notice these lies from Mr. Crocker and the UK corporate media:

  • in omission because war law makes war on Afghanistan criminal, and the US attack on that country was in violation of two UN Security Council Resolutions,
  • in omission because similar voices lied in every reason for war on Iraq,
  • in omission because similar voices lie for every reason for war on Iran.

The basic civics test for the 99% is to demand the arrests for War Criminals such as Mr. Crocker.

The alternative for the 99% is to reject unalienable rights, justice under law, and encourage our soldiers to invade foreign nations to kill and be killed using trillions of our dollars and under our flag.

We all know the 99% will choose a future for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants and to arrest the criminals among the 1%:

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thanks to Activist Post for this heads-up :)