Someone at NPR finally noticed the connection between the 18,000 jobs/0.1% rise in unemployment and all of the government budget slashing that has been going on.  For a real heads-up, take a look at NASA.  Pretend that the government is shutting down the space program as part of the trillions of dollars of budget cuts the GOP is seeking.  That is, after all, not a big reach.

In late 2009 there were about 10,500 people working in the Space program.   A few days ago there were 5,600 employed.  Nearly 2,000 people in Florida will be unemployed.  All 5,600 are being axed.  BUT, the 2,000 jobs lost in Florida is not the whole story.  Those two thousand people make it possible for many other people to find jobs, as those NASA folk went through their day.  Dry cleaners, car repair, waitresses, grocery store clerks.   Whole communities are affected as the job loss multiplies.

This is what happens when government is cut.  Government is not some uncontrollable, amorphous mass that needs to be cut back like that Loropetalum in your backyard.  No, government is people.  When you cut government, you cut the very thing we need in order to get out of the mess we are in—JOBS.  If you want to shrink government, do it when the people are all back to work.  Now is NOT the time to strangle the few jobs we have.

Keep the jobs and increase revenue.  Grow jobs and you grow revenue.  You won’t grow jobs by cutting taxes for the rich.  All they will do is put the tax break in the bank for later.  But, if you increase the taxes on the rich, it will increase revenue and decrease our deThe NPR person went on to say that we have seen unemployment get bigger and bigger for the last eleven years.  NOW it is time for YOU to connect the dots.  Eleven years ago GW was elected and taxes for the rich were cut.  TRICKLE  DOWN  DOESN’T  WORK  for the middle class.  Can it get any clearer than that?