University of Phoenix to occupy Santa Monica College and bring crushing debt and mis-education

It was the former Chancellor of the Community College system, Jack Scott, who proposed that to increase access for students to education, the notorious Kaplan University, the criminal enterprise that preys on youth with predatory for-profit drive by schools, partner with community colleges (

Scott was stopped but now, take a look: the new protagonist is the criminal enterprise the University of Phoenix that has paid out millions to their founder and family members in payments and itself has ‘settled’ countless law suits for literally tens of millions of dollars for its activities in preying on students and leaving them in debt purgatory (  They are now set to ‘occupy’ the Santa Monica College, once a community college for students.

Students can thank Chui Tsang, the pepper spraying president of Santa Monica College, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Lumina Foundation for this.  They have worked hand and hand to assure the privatization of all services on campus using the excuse of access for all.