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University of Phoenix Settles Fraud Complaint for $78.5 Million

You’ve seen their commercials all over the web and on television.  The website has page after page of complaints from  students detailing their history of abuse and exploitation at the hands of University of Phoenix and its parent company-The Apollo Group.  It also has, on the very same page-a google advertisement from University of Phoenix.

I want these peoples’ voices to be heard as a warning to potential victims of the University of Phoenix, and as a call to action to inform taxpayers that the Apollo Group has been defrauding the taxpayer — targeting and recruiting veterans and others based on their eligibility for federal benefits.  I thought about writing some snazzy words of my own about this “University”, but these are not people who are trying to be silent and why should I prattle on when they are more than ready to speak.  The best thing I can do is to give them another platform.

So here we go!

“At the end of my third class my GPA was 3.8 but I struggled with my fourth class with my new position at work in Iraq and internet issues. Furthermore, I was unbelievably tired due to early kidney cancer that was fortunately diagnosed and removed. My instructor was willing to give me an incomplete but her own academic advisor did not return her phone calls. She was under pressure to post her grades so I was given an F. My academic advisor fully advised UoP of my instructor’s willingness to give me an Incomplete and of my kidney cancer episode. UoP rejected that and said all grades are final and granting Incompletes had to occur before posting the grade. My new GPA is now under 3.0 and I am kicked out of school for six months.”


“if I had known before I started going here what I know now, I would never have signed up, the only reason I did was because my local Veterans Administration recommended it for the Voc Rehab program, and even though the VA is paying for it, I still get calls and letters from uop about outstanding balances, I can’t even get my diploma from them because they say I still owe over 2000 dollars, I would stay away from this school if anyone is thinking of going here.


“Through University of Phoenix’s actions I am unable to pay my rent and face eviction within a few days, am unable to purchase food, medication, or even pay my electric bill. I will recoup my losses, but at what price? 3 paychecks are going to just pay back the NSFs in my checking account and will be put into collections by all my other creditors. When this is all done and through I will be out almost $1000.00 and be delinquent in almost $4000.00 with my creditors. Not to mention in serious bad standing with my apartment complex.”

“The university’s mantra was “Just make the changes but oh by the way you will have to send us more money.” In frustration, I withdrew from the university after 5 years. I refuse to send them another dime. After withdrawing from the university, I received an overdue bill without any explanation. I paid off my student loan in full last year, paying for any additional classes in full yet they will not tell me why I have received this bill or the almost 600 in additional late fees. If you have suffered similar mistreatments from the University of Phoenix, please contact me. If we can work together as a group, we have a chance of getting some of our joint grievances addressed.”


“I believe that the university misrepresented itself by using a “bait and swith” tactic, luring me to register and later on telling me that I need to take extra classes. They are taking advantage of the fact that I am eager to graduate, or they even think that I am desperate. When I asked the counselor exactly how many units I need to take under the new program, she said she hasn’t evaluated my transcript, which is lame because most universities would do this prior to enrolling any student!


“When I said I wanted to withdraw out the course she told me to just stay enrolled and get a d so finiacial aid would pay them, if I did not do that then I wouldn’t get any student loans. Its been about 2 months and now i’am recieving 2,435 worth of dept from the appollo group.

I’am going to consult an attorney. I don’t think I should have to pay them the whole balance of 2 classes for 6 weeks when I tried to withdraw the second week of class. I wouldn’t recommend this University to anyone. I’am not going to let them stop me from getting my education. I’am at the local community college and will be transferring into a university next year.”


“I was former student of UOP or Appallo and I went to get a anther copy of my tarnscript for my current school I have been at for over year and they will no release my transcripts. I ask them why. They say that I owe them 2800.00 dallors. I said how could that be when you collected well over 7500.00 and I drop classes and come to find out after I withdrew they still collect money and still saying I owe them money. So I contacted a attorney they will be hearing from them.

They also sent me to collection and the school I am going to know will not grant Finical Aid untill i get those transcipts. One semister from getting my LPN.”

Last week University of Phoenix (UOP) settled a lawsuit brought by two whistle blowers assisted by the federal government.  The company settled for 78.5 million dollars, including 11 million in lawyers fees.   I was very disappointed with the meager reporting this got in the national media outlets, many of which seemed to be uninformed and unprepared to discuss the issue. The best article immediately available to me was by Lisa Krieger from the San Jose Mercury News and I have linked to it below.

The two whistle blowers in this case were two enrollment counselors at UOP.  Their complaint (link below under “”) alleges that enrollment counselors at UOP were paid and offered perks according to the number of students they enrolled in UOP.  On the surface, this doesn’t sound so sinister and this is why the press was not interested in the story.

This is only a very superficial understanding of the case!

What the whistle blowers are saying in their complaint is that they were told to completely ignore student transcripts and to simply enroll as many warm bodies as possible in UOP.  Much of the UOP’s recruiting is aimed at veterans.  On the front page of the UOP website, there is a section devoted to advertisement directed at current and former members of the US military.  Why is UOP so interested in recruiting people regardless of their academic eligibility and why are they targeting veterans and other potential recipients of federal academic aid?

The reason, as alleged in the complaint, is that University of Phoenix has received 500 million dollars annually since 1997 from the Federal Department of Education.  The way the system works now (according to page 5 of the complaint), is that UOP enrolls students who aren’t even eligible for federal aid and that these students are then later disqualified from the “University” or forced to pay for extra classes on their own.

UOP does this to Federal aid recipients because the money students receive does not go to the student, it goes directly to the “University” of Phoenix and any loans that the student takes out are owed to the federal government and not to UOP.  The money the student is eligible for in loans and benefits from Perkins and Pell grants, from FSEOG and FFELP (Federal Educational loan programs)  goes directly into the UOP coffers.  If the student is disqualified for funds later on, or if they drop out of school, they find out that they suddenly owe large sums to “The Apollo Group.”  If they default, the taxpayer absorbs the cost.

Piece these facts together with the complaints from consumers above, reader.  The theme again and again is that those who enroll are seduced by promises of a college degree, paid for largely by federal student loans.  Then they find they are on the hook for far more money than they originally wished to commit to, and that online classes are far more difficult and require far more diligence than they had thought.  Those who do graduate find that employers do not respect their online UOP degree and those who seek to transfer credits find that other institutions do not respect them either.

Its easy to blame the student for being unprepared and dropping out for their own reasons, but that is why a real educational institution would do such nutty things as looking at the students’ transcripts or even inquiring if they have graduated from high school.  A real University would check before promising its students substantial sums of money from the DOE.  A real university would care about the number of students who finish their education, but UOP cares only how many people enroll, whether they are really eligible for funds or not.  This excerpt is from page 12 of the complaint.  Counselors in the Northern California area were told to:

(a) “pull all stops and get the numbers this month, because your jobs are on the line.” (b) In individual meetings at each counselor’s office, “do whatever it takes to get the application. It’s ALL about the numbers – nothing else matters.” (“Application” is UOP code term for an enrollment). (c) their jobs were at stake, based upon their ability to increase their enrollment numbers, stating, “your jobs are on the chopping block. You’re going to be put on plan and have the possibility of getting a demotion, decrease in salary, or losing your job. You need to get the application. I don’t care what it takes. They figured out a way to lower your salary by demoting you, or they’re going to fire you.”

UOP’s corporate bosses fully realize that they are in violation of the law when they compensate counselors based on numbers of students enrolled, yet according to the complaint senior corporate leadership brag (pg. 13) about schemes used to deceive both students and federal regulators charged with reviewing UOP’s compensation practices:

As Bill Brebaugh, head of UOP Corporate Enrollment openly brags, UOP masks its illegal compensation
scheme through “smoke and mirrors” so that UOP can “fly under the radar” of the Department of
Education. (c) Mr. Brebaugh repeatedly emphasizes to the enrollment counselors: “It’s all about
the numbers. It will always be about the numbers. But we need to show the Department of Education what they want to see.”

What really bothers me is that the University of Phoenix has taken so many federal dollars and spent so many of them on television and online advertising, on  $80 million in legal costs and fines associated with this case alone, on the naming rights to the Arizona Cardinals NFL stadium -all funds that were obtained under fraudulent pretenses.  This money comes from entities within the US government that provide grants to aspiring students, but it also comes directly out of the blood, sweat, and tears of young people, veterans  and working people whose aim in the first place was only to educate themselves and better their situation.  Instead they get debt, collection calls, and black marks on their credit scores.  This is an institution that hurts people who need a break.  It’s insane that such an institution is even allowed to exist after the “settlement” this case.

The case was “settled” before the US Supreme Court could rule on it, and the company was not forced to “admit wrongdoing,” but this case sheds light on UOP’s unethical practices and the practices of  the online for-profit education industry generally.  Nevertheless, the event caused a sharp upward spike in UOP’s stock this week.  I thought the statement released by UOP was interesting.  Their statement expressed “confidence” that the company “will not face any further civil or administrative exposure.”  This illustrates the problem nicely.  Since the “school” is not focused on educating the student, but rather on improving the stock quote, the dollar will always come before the student.

But I think that the University of Phoenix, subsidiary of the Apollo Group, is wrong.  I think they still do face a very real threat of civil litigation, and that class action lawsuits (such as this one filed against UOP by actual students have substantial merit in light of the institutions’ decision to settle this case.  That’s legalese for give these people their #@(*$& money back and pay their supposed debts out of UOP profits, instead of wasting them on internet/TV ads and 8 million per year on NFL stadium naming rights.  Speaking of the people, I’d like to end this column where it began, with one of the people whose complaints inspired it:

I wouldn’t recommend this University to anyone. I’am not going to let them stop me from getting my education. I’am at the local community college and will be transferring into a university next year.”


You said a mouthful Caesar.  Alea iacta est.

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  • Danny Weil

    Thanks so much for followin this. It is the elepnat in the room for their default rates, the for-profit proprietary predator schools is 25.1% and this is for up to 2007. An e-mail I got from the Department of Ed. today said they will have the new default figures in 2010. An attorney I work with who has sued these schools for mafia-like practices told me it could be as high as 47%, adding billions to the deficit while lining the pockets of the unrepenting predatory class.

    These colleges will now spend $2 billion next year on marketing alone, decimating public colleges and leaving them secondary providers in a for-profit system.
    This is the reverse public option — private options for education, no public option for health care.

  • Andrew

    Your links at the end of the article are malformed. I was able to reach the content by copying and pasting the text, but clicking the links results in an error message.

  • progressive die stamping

    I’ve been reading a few posts and really and enjoy your writing. I’m just starting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and give the reader so significantly insight.

  • Samuel Cattaneo

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  • Christine Mayer

    I found this article after contacting the university and being told today that I owe them over $2,000.00. When I had dropped my classes within the 14 day grace period and being told I was good to go.

    Now it has been over 3 years since I dropped the classes, and have not once received a bill or letter telling me I owe them any money for anything. I was told that letters were sent and that calls were made to me in attempts to collect this money.

    Of course when talking with them today they would not tell me what exactly I owed the money for or could explain to me why I never received a bill or phone call concerning this.

    Now I am sitting here attempting to go back to school again finally and the university I am wanting to go to requires my transcripts and I can’t give them any as UoP will not release them.

    What can I do at this point and who can I contact to help me with this matter.

    • weilunion

      No one. No attorneys will help you, thelegal system will not help you. The DoE cannot help nor the DOJ. They are all bought and paid for. Google my name Danny Weil and ‘You can’t regulate a criminal enterprise’ and see why.


    Run to your nearest attorney

  • map

    I am taking my last two classes at the university of phoenix as I am supposed to graduate I failed a class last block due to computer issues and illness. I am know paying more to re take class I failed then originally was charged does not make sense I will not be continuing my education here but it is the only issue I have really had with the school other than waiting too long to receive my pell money. An enrolment counselor originally talked me into getting my bachelors, as I still cannot find a job being unemployed for 1 / 12 years. Since have realized that is not want I want to do. I know am pursuing associate applied science as a medical assistant when I mentioned this they did not want to hear of it but they do not offer a program on line like that . I am know going to be transferring to a Local community college I am being told that uop credits wont transfer I am so upset about this does anyone know if this is true or just rumor.

    • Melissa


      I went through the same thing when I dropped from UoP as well. I went ot several different colleges before I found the one that I am at now. I had to fight with UoP for my transcript as they would not release it on time. I finally got it released and was able to only transfer half of my credits since the others did not match up with the current colleges. I also had to retake all of my general education courses as they dd not line up either. UoP is not a University like we all thought. They are a college of higher education that uses expidited material to get you through the courses. I was paying 1035.95 a class along with 70 for books that was only part of books and most of the time the information did not line up with the material. Where I am at now I pay a lot less and they send me all the books through UPS and it is much wasier to get help as well. I was taking with Uop Associates of Business and everyone looked at me like I was stupid or something. Even the current college never heard of it. When I dropped my last class I was told I had to pay UoP 550 and also had to pay 1019 to reatke the class to finish up my degree and so I paid them so I paid them 1600 and they called me two days later and told me that I needed 500 more to take the class and that my money was not able to be retrieved until after I was out of school. This did not make since to me so I told them to pay off the debt and send me the rest back. Which took them a week to do. To find out they did not return my money back to the lender and I had to wait six months before I could reenroll in classes with the new college and I had to redo all my information and FASA with the mew college and was able to get it. My pell money was never sent back as well so I was out of that money as well. I know owe on a 24000 loan and do not have a degree to show for it. I am currently enrolled for my Bachelors in Business Admonistration and will graduate in a year and a half from the new college. I wish I could go back on UoP to get them to pay these loans off since I can not use any of my credits and had to restart. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should do I would love to hear it.

      • weilunion

        Join the movement to close them. Fight for public education and an end to mafia business practices.

    • weilunion

      It is true. And is how the predatory school works. Google my name Danny Weil and UoP or Kaplan and you will see how they work the credits. they are called credits now, not units as they once were and there is a reason.

  • Joni B

    Nobody recognizes diploma’s from University of Phoenix.(I found several websites that employers will deny it. It’s a diploma mill and all they do is make the curriculum hard for people to make it look like a substantial school but it’s not accredited like other colleges. It’s bad when I local college with great reputation won’t accept their credits. They purposely have these credit’s so you “get stuck in UoP forever” once you finally are in so far, you may as well finish ” if you want ” not me I dropped my courses. Not paying no more to them! The more you go, the more you have to pay them! No-Thank you! Id quite if you’re not too far ahead, I was 24 credits in and quit! I was mislead from the beginning… noting I would be a nurse and stuff, do clinical in my bachelors year! I had to do associates in healthcare administration, and then I could pursue a b.s.n - with not prior education! Hmmm they should have informed me what b.s.n was and I would have gone to a different school. I realized this 10 mos after Id been in University of Phoenix. Why did the school accept me in their studies, if I could not do the nursing program? All they wanted was money, period! see they screw a lot of people I saw on ABC news where a lady was mislead and they found out evidence that she was mislead and the school gave her a scholar ship - hello?? who wants to go to this fudged up school when the diploma is not accepted through employers I highly suggest if you want to become a police officer, id or nurse, whichever it is, Id call several companies and see if they accept university of phoenix online school diploma’s! lol you will change your mind! if you want to be a doctor online - bahahaha - what a total joke! Don’t believe in that psychology degree associates all the way to PhD - do you think a graduate a “real traditional college of doctor’s” is going to accept all your 500 credits from University of Phoenix psychology credits?? Hell no, they won’t! Not only have you wasted time, money, and effort, for nothing, but you will have to “start all over” some place that is legit! or to a community college that transfers “normal credits, that are legit!” true stuff, it would suck to waste so much time in this place, waste of time, mullah, effort, not to mention the MONEY blown for NOTHING!! No school will take these credits!! Nobody recognized online credits period from places I’ve called upon. Some colleges will say they accept them regionally accredited which u o p is regionally accredited. But like IUPUI, Indiana Univ, & Purdue would, Only if their curriculum and it was compatible, Someone said she received 60 credits at more from this school, and then only 1 single class was transferable. HELLO they do this so you “stay with university of phoenix” I wouldn’t believe anyone trying to say it’s a great school, these are people who work for the school, or wished they wouldn’t have went, place people to go there and get them in the same situation they are already in. I see more websites complaints about this school that are bad, than good resourceful websites that makes this school great edu. But, the bad out weights the good. If it’s too good to be true, it’s no really great edu. Especially when you do all that work for NOTHING. It’s a diploma mill. This isn’t the only one. Devery online is another one that I heard about too. Don’t do online stuff. More than likely it will NOT TRASFER!! You’re screwed with UOP if you stay, if you stay, you’re not recognized through future employers. Got to a traditional college that has online classes, don’t just go with any school. I’m glad I learned a lesson from this place; I did my research because of rumors going around. It’s true information. Any school will tell you anything to get you in the door and trap you just as I was did, if you don’t believe me, go waste your time, I’m sure EVERYONE encountered a problem at this school and about 90% percent of them quit or was unsatisfied after finished. Nobody would say they were 100% happy with their service from the school. They say they have alumini too. Former doctor graduates. HAHAHA I bet they only get jobs at the UoP when they are done. Hehehe could you imagine going to a doctor’s office that said they graduated from the University of Phoenix?? On their wall plaque, lmao, what a kick of a laugh, and a run out the damn door as fast as you could.

    • weilunion

      UoP diplomas are recognized as the Charmin they are for use in the loo. That is about it.

  • Bernardina Akerley

    it is good to see this data in your post, i used to be looking the identical however there was not any correct useful resource, thanx now i’ve the link which i was looking for my research.

  • Jaimie Mermelstein

    …I am so dumb. I have a whole study guide to do with the book and returned my book today. D: Internet surfing all the answers? Yes. lol

  • RRags

    Do the work, study effectively and perform well in school and in industry and a UoP degree will take you as far as any other degree can. The only thing that any degree can get you is to the starting gate of opportunity. It is up the individual to succeed.

    UoP is regionally accredited as a university. Most traditional schools are too.

    I am a 6 figure earner. More than 35% of my graduating UoP MBA class mates are 6 figure earners. During the course of my career I have worked for several Fortune 500 employers who recognize my UoP MBA.

    I selected UoP over several MBA programs including one from a top 5 business school. UoP is accredited by one of the 6 federally recognized regional accrediting bodies just as the top 5 program is. I chose UoP due to the $25K cost for the MBA program at the time compared to $88K for the top 5 school. The cost benefit was not there for the top 5 school based on the cost of the program and where I was in my career at the time I selected a program. For a new graduate from an undergrad program with no work experience the top 5 program I was accepted to may have been a viable or even better choice. For a working professional in their mid 30s as I was at the time it made no sense.

    As a senior manager I have many graduates of Ivy League and other highly regarded traditional institutions on my staff.

    UoP has two products that it offers to its target markets. The education that it offers to its student customers and graduates that it provides to industry. UoP provides viable product to both of the target markets it services as well as to the stock holders of the company.

    No school can be judged in a comprehensive way if it is judged only by those who dislike it or fail while attending the school for whatever reason.

    A school can only be judged by its graduates and how they perform in the job markets that they choose to enter.

    Academic and professional success is more a factor of personal effort and performance than it is of what institution name is at the top of your degree. Education is a key for accessing opportunity. Success or failure is on the individual not the school they graduate from.

    UoP is not for everyone. No school is. As with any major decision or purchase due diligence should be taken by anyone before selecting a college or university. In my case UoP provided the foundation to perform well in the industries I was interested in and gave me access to the companies I wanted to work for.

    I do not work for, nor have I ever worked for UoP or any company owned by The Apollo Group. I also hold a BSEET from DeVry University which was also a viable and valuable educational experience for me. I do not nor ever have worked for the DeVry Inc.

    None of the several Fortune 500 companies that I have worked for in my career have failed to recognize my either my UoP or my DeVry degrees.

    • Henry


      I do not know who you are or whether you are accurately describing an experience you had at UoP. You aren’t exactly under oath and you don’t source any of your claims, so forgive me if I doubt the veracity of your statements.

      I do know that your response is eerily similar to the defensive spew that emanates from the UoP itself. I do know that UoP was forced to pay 78 million in the case I refer to in the article above. I do know that 11 states are now investigating UoP for similar fraudulent practices:

      • Brbsa12

        I completely agree with you Henry,
         Same bulls#@$t, automated propaganda the school puts out on every web-site they can. The University of Phoenix is a complete fraud, and I would love to be involved in the next class-action law suit. I am a current student and I regret the day I decided to enroll. Lies, lies, and more lies is what a student gets; not an education. The school did teach me one thing for sure; it taught me never to attend the University of Phoenix again, and to keep as many potential students from making the decision to attend there!

        • weilunion

          Yes, Kaplan and UoP and ITT and the resst of the fourteen crime families place avatars and provocateurs online to counter criticism. they also smash computers as we think Kaplan did here at Dailycensored.
          They are little more than hooligans and white collar crooks.

    • JC

      I am finishing my BSN at UoP. I do feel stuck because my core class credits will not transfer to another University. but in general universities do not accept transfer of core nursing curriculum. I can say a Bachelors Degree in Nursing from UoP is accepted by the North Carolina Nurses Association and Duke University, where I plan on getting my Master’s and Nurse Practitioners Post masters degrees. So the UoP nursing program is credible and accredited. Its just way too expensive. I would not get my Master’s from UoP you dont even have to take the GRE.
      I have had enough problems with classmates who can write a decent paper for a learning team. I do not like the learning team “thing” I do not like to depend on others for a grade.

      The education I am getting in appropriate and right in line with other nursing programs andI never had an issue with financial aid either.

    • weilunion

      Sure they will accept any piece of paper now, for they are worthless. DeVry is one of the leading predators. Google their record of theft, pillage, debt and crime.

  • bitter melon

    Joseph Addison~ Courage is the thing. All goes if courage goes.

  • Elias Abran

    Fuck UoP I cant wait to finish I hate all the Financial Department can Kiss my Fat ass

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  • lilmama

    I am a university of phoenix student and they are so wrong they hold your financial aid even after you pass your class..They also tell you if you take a break and come back you have to pay the money back in six months in full over 6,000 before you can start back. They are a rip off if you are thinking about joining please run….You will only get your finanial aid and pell one time.

  • Ivoryspider

    I am a current student at UoP.  I am sorely disappointed in the level of education I am receiving.  To put it bluntly, this is a degree mill.  The last two years of my degree, all of the classes go over the same concepts again and again.  I have not learned Anything new.  I have a great fear that due to the easiness of the program, the content of the classes I am taking and the Expensive tuition that I am getting it is a horrible deal.  I am currently looking into transferring to my local state college knowing full and well this last year at UoP will not be accepted.

    Their semesters are set up are at odd times of the year..this means if you wish to transfer out you will have to sit out of school for 4-6 months for your financial aid to reset, and while out of school you have to start paying on your student loans.

    The counselors will of course be warm and cuddly, doing anything they can, making all sorts of promises to keep you in class.

    I would not recommend this school to anyone that seriously desires to have a career after getting one of their degrees.

  • mark matteson

    I became a 100 percent disabled veteran, this company does not care, though i have forwarded my VA letters to them, they had bill collectors calling me at 7 am everyday and Sunday too, yelling at me and screaming at me to pay my bills, at the time i didnt have an income and Social Security put me on disability because the VA was dragging tail on processing me, so when Univ of Phoenix’s predators found out i had SS Disability, they garnished that too, the only income i had, i couldnt pay my bills, rent had to sell everything i owned, lost what i had in storage, my and my little girls whole life was in there, as I am a single parent, I am now fighting with them to get my student loan money that I have paid in back, just found out i was eligible for a refund, and they are dragging tail on that too, this is not a school, they are money money money, and thats it, 

  • Anonymous


    I sent this letter to Senator Harkin from Iowa since he was
    in our news paper concerning University of Phoenix investigations of money
    spent on advertising.


    I am from Indiana. I was a student at University of Phoenix
    from July 22, 2010 to October 11, 2011 with only a break for the 2010 Christmas
    season. I am 58 years old and wanted so badly to receive a degree. After a life
    as a farm wife for ten years, my husband did not want to be married anymore.
    Waiting for my four children to leave home and 12 years later I found
    University of Phoenix.

       I had tried to go
    to school before University of Phoenix but illness took my dreams shortly after
    my classes started. It is not easy to enter a world as a single parent with no

       University of
    Phoenix enrolled me quickly, took my word that I received my GED in 1986 (which
    I did, although as I look back how did they really know). I worked hard when I
    was going to have my last daughter to achieve that goal successfully.

       When I started
    classes I was bombarded with calls daily and weekly from my Enrollment
    Representative, Academic Representative, and Financial Advisor for my first
    year of school. I let them know that I am in my 50′s and would definitely call
    if I needed help, although since

    I have osteoporosis and degenerative disc disease with
    extensive damage, that this type of stress can cause more damage. Ignoring my
    request I quit responding to phone calls.

      This was a very hard
    year starting with my taking a hard spill on my kitchen floor, my mother 84,
    being thrown out of her home by her husband 93, (married 43 years) and adult
    family services then placed in a care facility. Her husband (my step father)
    was left in their home alone, had a fall and passed away.

       I have 15
    grandchildren I wanted to impact with my determination to stay on track and
    become successful. As a slow reader, class and study time for me was 7 days a
    week. I worked very hard resulting in all A’s and B’s except for a first class
    with a C+. August of 2001 was when I was to receive my financial aid. This
    would sustain me while in school with internet for online classes and housing
    costs. My Financial Advisor explained that the Apollo Group said I had not
    completed 4 classes prior to distribution. I had been in school consistently
    since I started school. Come October of 2011 financial aid was dispersed but 2
    weeks later my stress had become depression and burn out level was so high that
    I could not think or go on. My Academic Representative said if I dropped the
    two classes I was in there would be serious consequences. I responded,
    “Are you saying I won’t be able to come back to school?” Her response
    was “uh huh”. My heart fell, 15,000 dollars in debt and 36 credits
    would be lost. She said I had to try. I had no choice or would lose it all,
    from what I was being told.

       Once again I was
    bombarded with calls of harsh words for not posting quick enough or getting assignment
    in quick enough. One class dropped me and the other I failed.

       My Financial
    Advisor then started calling threatening me that I would owe for those classes
    and where did the money go that they sent to me. He knew I had no job and I
    thought I could not go back so instead of him continuing to harass me I quick
    reading his emails and not taking his calls and heartbroken I started looking
    for a job to no avail. I finally listened to his last message which was an old
    message in which he said if I did not get back with him my account was going to
    collection. That is where my bill from them is till this day the 20 of April
    2012 and my loans come due the 30th of this month. I have been afraid to try to
    go back to school and still no job I do not know where my life will go from
    here but I have been knocked down but not knocked out.

       One other thing I
    feel you should know is that my student portal is still open but I have been
    withdrawn by the school and there is a new Academic Representative and
    Financial Advisor.  I have tried to order
    transcripts and it asks me to make a payment. I received a letter that $3471.00
    dollars of my financial aid was returned to the Apollo Group which is a company
    related to University of Phoenix with directors working for both companies. So
    is my total financial aid debt going to reflect the $3471.00 or am I being
    charged for moneys I did not use and is Apollo Group and University of Phoenix
    is doing this to others.

        Thank you so much
    for your time. I know this has been a long letter but I feel that something
    should be done. I hope this will help you stand against these types of schools.
    You can get online and put in the search “University of Phoenix Fraud and
    see how many students feel cheated. They have been. No checking on actual prior
    education on entrance to the school along with many other violations. I would
    like to be a part of a class action suit with someone.  If there is anyone in Indiana that would be
    interested in adding me to your class action suit or start one with me I would
    appreciate an email at [email protected].


  • Rehbein1111

    Listen to all these poor me stories.  It is pathetic.  Everyone in life has struggles and challenges.  If  you are not qualified to go to college, then don’t apply.  If you take a break for 6 months then you have to start paying student loans back.  I am 2 classes away from my bachelors degree.  It has not been easy but, it has been worth it.  Who ever thinks that you can just walk into a interview and get a job is uneducated.  A degree is simply something that shows dedication to finishing a project.  Most things are learned on the job.  Sounds like a bunch of stories from uneducated people that expect life to be easy.

  • Loudnessclub

    I find it interesting that every positive experience I read regarding “University” of Phoenix is written by either someone currently enrolled or by someone who claims wide acceptance of the “degrees,” usually by “Fortune 500″ companies, but fails to provide specific examples.

    I’m just another faceless entity on the internet, so I can’t blame anybody for dismissing my views, but I will provide specific examples that anybody can investigate. I used to work for Scott & White, as well as Providence Hospital in Waco, TX as a nurse recruiter. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that those with a “University” of Phoenix degree have no chance of being hired at either institution and the reason is because the administrations have done their homework regarding the nursing program at Phoenix and have found it has failed to provide it’s graduates with the skills needed to become entry level nurses. Don’t get me wrong. They are more than welcome to apply and by law, every application is considered. It won’t “go in the garbage,” but it might as well and here’s why: Both facilities exist in close proximity to a population of traditional school offering RN programs, Baylor,
    Mary Hardin, Texas A&M, Central Texas, Tarleton State, Mclennan Community, Blinn…I’m not even mentioning those from the DFW and Houston area and we get our share from those school as well. All have established programs which require their graduates to complete certain prerequisites as well as challenging clinical roations. The same cannot be said for “University” of Phoenix and it becomes painfully obvious during the hiring process. A math test covering basic dasage calculations and IV flow rates must be passed by all new nursing hires at Providence. It’s a simple test and most nurses from the programs I listed have no trouble with it. Unfortunately, it was known in Human Resources as “The Phoenix Detector” due to the high number of test failures among Pheonix grads. I am speaking the truth.

    This isn’t some bias used against applicants of a certain school. These are basic skills needed to do one’s job and avoid killing somebody. This is just one example of why grads of the “University” of Phoenix have trouble finding jobs.

    I’m sorry, but this is the truth.

  • Pissed X- Student ~

    I feel like i was totally ripped off by phoenix!! I’m still pondering on this School its been a year and its still on my mind!! I had to actually pay almost $2,000 To withdraw from the online school or they threatned to send it to a collection bureau , which would destroy my credit!! I should have known it was something about this Univeristy by the way they hurried to get you enrolled!!!!

  • Damned if you do…..

    I wanted to better myself and get a degree under my belt. I wanted to be in law enforcement because I wanted a career not a job. I went to a standard college but with working six days a week and having a family it was hard to keep up with. So, I heard of UOP and I called and I talked to a person named Jan. She was real helpful with all my questions and she even called me a diamond in the ruff. So, I went for it and I liked it at first till I got into it.

    There was some great teachers and the other ones was nothing but jokes. There was some teachers that I had trouble reaching and other I never did get ahold of. One of the teachers I had trouble reaching finally answered the phone the night before the project I was working on was due. I had a few important questions but I was able to get one in because her children was screaming and carrying on and I could not hear half of what she was saying.

    After a year school and work was all I had time for. I was working harder trying to keep my grades up then I did in a real college. I was even doing school work during holidays and while I was on vacation.

    Having this degree is about as worthless and the paper its printed on. It has not helped me get a job at all. I know that’s it only an A.A. but I was hoping to find a job that would help me get a B.A since I could not afford to go the extra two years. I was even getting charged for labs which I could not under stand that one. I had one class that I had to buy a book for and I found it online at a good price and I called to UOP to see if I could use it I was told the book from them was different then the one I found. I should have just gotten the one I found since there was no different in the books like I was told.

    Once I was done I was real happy because I felt I accomplished something till I was handed my reality check. One day out of the blue I was called by a local prison for a job interview and I was happy thinking that this 18,000.00 dollar piece of paper was finally going to open doors and that was shattered when the women took the degree and looked at it and said “oh, one of these online things. I will have to see if we can take this”. Well she took a photo copy of it and as you can tell It did not help since I did not get the job.

    I have even applied for jobs that was looking for people with A.A. and the add stated it did not matter what it was in. I still doing the job I have been trying to get out of for the last 15 years. I know I should be happy to have a job but it is hard when you really hate what you do and you tried to better yourself…

    I would like to thank the UOP for nothing….

  • weilunion

    Thanks for sharing. As you know this is not the first time they have settled. But you can also see how they have asset stripped their company using their family. Type in Daily’s search engine University of Phoenix and my articles will come up. they have taken over 250 million out of the company.
    They have also closed campuses and the reason: all the for profits will now go under. Why? The public university systems and community colleges are adopting their model at cheaper prices.
    The for-profits started the model for cyber learning, which is really fraud. Now that the community colleges and higher education institutions are broke, and they are broke, they are shifting to the UoP plan. doing it cheaper means Uop cannot compete.
    Kaplan has done the same. Closed 18 campuses or consolidated them and more on the way. Same reason. Now, Kaplan is getting into the virtual health care business using the same model to bilk the medicare system. soon, UoP will do something similar.
    they should all be frog marched off to for profit prisons, Sperling, Graham, Olympia Snowe’s husband from EDMC and the rest of the gaggle of crooks.
    But they won’t. In fact, the community college system, now run by the Lumina Group has praised UoP for their great business model. And it is great if you are the one percent. For neoliberalism allows you to bleed the government for ‘dis-services’ and then leave town saddled up with the swag leaving the students to girdle the debt and the taxpayers to pay it.
    Attorneys won’t nor can they help. they have no resources to fight these people and those that make a living at fighting them sign NDA or Non Disclosure Agreements that leave the public in the dark.
    Good article, personal and compelling.

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