In Henry A. Giroux’s book “Hearts of Darkness: Torturing Children in the War of Terror,” the author writes about the horror and resounding silence concerning the torture of children under the George W. Bush regime’s ‘War On Terror.’ Now after six month it turns out the Obama administration is capable of reproducing the worst policies of the Bush Administration.

The scenes of young children being subjected to prolonged standing, being beaten, shocked with electrodes or raped as a tactic of war reveals utter moral depravity. The death of thousands of children in recent overseas wars has resulted in little public outrage by the American populace. There has been no comment concerning the torture of children.

Giroux writes about the case of 12-year-old Mohammed Jawad who was captured in Afghanistan and accused of throwing a hand grenade at a military vehicle. He says that this case shows a descent into the “dark side” of the most frightening and antidemocratic practices and loss of any sense of ethical morality or responsibility by the US government and military. Giroux describes in detail the torture and abuse during interrogations and confinement of Jawad which bordered on Gestapo-like sadism at the hands of his US military captors and thug allies which left Jawad in such despair that he attempted suicide in 2003.

After endless years of torture and abuse by the US government Jawad has been ordered to be released by an outraged Judge. Now the Obama Justice Department is considering filing civilian charges against the youth. The United States war on the world shows a slide into a culture of cruelty and moral irresponsibility that should disturb and move to action, the people who know the details of this case. There should not be a resounding silence on a matter as profound as the torture of children.

Henry A. Giroux article originally appeared on Truthout. Here is a link to the full article on the World Can’t wait website:

-Bill Gibbons

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